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Good Help Isn't So Hard To Find

Updated on April 17, 2017

Define Good

"I want a good job," says one person.

Yes. Everyone wants a good job, but what does that look like? Ask anyone, and they will tell you that they want a job where they're able to be comfortable and support themselves and their families. These are normal and hopeful goals, but here's the deal; what's a good job for you will look quite a bit different for someone else.

Also, let's be honest; finding a "good job" means different things for different people. For someone looking for a change to a less stressful career, a complete 180 in careers might warrant a classification as "good". For others wanting better salary, a "good" job will entail having a pretty decent paycheck every couple of weeks. For still others, a "good" job could mean just having a job at all.

A temp agency can be a great place to start when looking for a new job, and there are several great bonuses to working with one.

"Chris and his team have always had a clear understanding of exactly what type of candidates we were looking for and delivered us several qualified people to fill each open position," reports one user of Talent Plus's services.

Certainly, there are more and more people turning towards temp agencies to try and fill positions, and while some individuals might try and find work through a temp agency as a way of at least getting a start in the working world, it seems, at least anecdotally, that there are quite a few businesses who are turning to temp agencies in order to try and fill positions. Some might argue that temp agencies are being used for a range of purposes, but they are great for filling temporary gaps in their employment echelon.

Temp agencies are a good first step in trying to place people who might be newly trained out of school, and working with a temp agency allows you to be able to ensure your business can get the right person for the right job, but as a temp agency employee, you can also get good experience in trying on a certain job on for size.

In addition, temp agencies can give people a good footing into the field of their choosing. People might choose to complain about them, but the bottom line is, there are far more possibilities that can come to fruition in working with a temp agency than not working with one.

While it's not the same as co-op, where you learn to practice transferable and work related skills in order to gain educational credits, it's a good opportunity to start trying to get your feet under you in the world of work, and potentially be working for a particular company for some time.

In many respects, isn't that "good?"

How Does It Work?


A Growing Trend

The thing we all have to acknowledge as we make further inroads into the 21st century is that temporary employment is a growing trend. It's aggravating for those of us who are looking to be employed on a permanent basis, but regardless, it's a fact of life.

Have you noticed there's an increasing number of businesses looking to hire part time as opposed to full time employees? This is a trend in almost every field, and it does not appear to be changing anytime soon.

So what does that mean as far as hiring individuals if you are a business owner, or finding work, if you're an employee?

We live in a world that seems far more transient now, perhaps more now than it ever has been. Part of the issue is the increase in the number of jobs that have been outsourced; people in completely different countries could be the ones granting you service for your pizza order, your news does not seem to matter, but one thing is clear - this is a very different world of employment than that which your parents and perhaps even your grandparents dealt with.

People are job hopping - and job shopping - like never before, and while it's interesting to see from where, exactly, these job requests are coming, the job hopping means that while unemployment rates appear to be a bit higher than might be expected by some, there are still vacancies that businesses are sometimes desperate to fill.

That's where job agencies come in. Businesses work hand in hand with these temp agencies to try and determine exactly where the need is for various businesses and staff accordingly. While temp agencies might get a bit of a hard time because of the very nature of what they do, in reality, it's offering people some comfort that their talents are being used and that they are, in fact, in possession of a "good" job, albeit temporarily.

It's when you start getting your name known through the temp agency that opportunities could really start working and you're finding that people are seeking you out, potentially through the talent agency, but also through the company itself, and that can be pretty empowering.

Temp Workers Are Going Up


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