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Good Service

Updated on February 3, 2012

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, department store or just any business to only find out you have either experienced good or bad service? I believe that we all have gone through these type of services many times.
I believe that the way that customers are treated is what determines whether or not they will go back to that certain place. I think when one goes visit a restaurant for the first time, the workers there should make a good impression to the customers so that they can get them to keep coming back. This is important especially since it is hard to run a restaurant many times. For example today, we went out to eat as a group and we wanted to visit this one new restaurant that caught our attention. Well, I must say, they had a lot to offer food wise, prices weren't that bad. However, the customer service was not good, they took forever to serve us, and the waitress wasn't even that friendly all the time to us. That to us showed us what poor customer service they had, it was then and there that we decided that it was the last time we would go for a while. Who knows we might give it another chance later on.
But this puts into my mind how important it is to treat the customers with respect and courtesy. I work for the public library in the city where I live in. We base our actions alot on how we want to treat our patrons because if they see us being good to them and that we are willing to help them and be there for them then they are bound to return and even bring some more patrons with them the next time. We all get comments saying that we are very respectable, nice and willing to help because that is what our main focus is the make the patron happy and satisfied.
There are many different experiences that everyone has based on where they are and what they do. Some tips that I will list will help those of you who want to know more of how to be able to keep a customer:
1. Smile when the customer arrives
2. Tell the customer good day, greet them. This shows that you have noticed them.
3. Make some eye contact with them at all times, this will show them that they have your full
4. If for any reason they want to complain, which doesn't happen at all places, make sure to
listen to them so that you can think of what to do when they want an answer.
5. Treat them with the respect that you would want them to treat you.
These are some tips that I have used, along with my other fellow co-workers. Are there certain experiences that you have gone through that have really made an impact on whether you will go back to that restaurant, department store? Also what other tips do you consider important for others to know that makes a place keep you coming?


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    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 6 years ago

      Great hub again Dancilla and quite interesting. I do suggest you break your hubs up into paragraphs more. It's easier to read. Other than that, I think everyone has gotten lousy service at business one time or another.