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Google Ad Sense Nonsense

Updated on December 28, 2012
One of our friendly associates is digitizing your your approval request.  Please be patient.
One of our friendly associates is digitizing your your approval request. Please be patient. | Source

Just some thoughts for all of you that are still sitting around waiting for Google to approve your Hubs so you can make million$.

I got tired of jumping through imaginary hoops held by Google trying to get approved for Adsense. After months of submissions, questions, forum answers and so on, I am still waiting. There is apparently a second (and maybe a third level, who knows) item that has to be approved. Problem is I can't find the "hoop" or it hasn't been presented yet. In either case, I'm still sitting and waiting.

Even though I am not able to collect anything from Google for using my Hubs, Google does use my Hubs to advertise and make money for themselves.

Well, it did irritate me a little, but there was nothing I could do about it. I tried the "ad blocking" but that system was as convoluted as the rest of their workings and became tiresome and time-wasting trying to figure it out. I'm not even sure it works until you're fully "approved."

Then Google began advertising my competitors on my Hubs. Enough was enough.

I put the issue out in Hub forums and the Net. Various suggestions were made, or should I say condolences by well wishers who had experienced or were experiencing the same. The bottom line response was "just put up with it til your approved." Nope can't do that, so I kept looking.

But then came the answer that solves my immediate problem of competitor advertisements. And, as I considered it, it became apparent that if all of us who are "still waiting" (which it appears is a majority of Hubbers according to research on the Net) took the same action, it might have an effect. But, if nothing else, it will stop the freeloading done by Google.

You can "Stop all ads" from appearing on your Hubs! How?

Go to you Hub page(s). Click edit. On the right side of the editing page is a list of items highlighted by grey masking. In the bottom most box there are 4 choices you can make: "reorder, settings, summary and group."

Click "settings." A drop down box will appear under the heading "Ads." In the drop down, you will have two choices, "Ads On" or "Ads Off." If you choose "Ads Off" no ads will appear on your pages.

This doesn't really help move the process along but it stops others, especially Google, for making money off your work and time. If there are no ads to click on your Hub page, then nobody, including Google, gets paid. And that makes me feel better.

I don't mind others "makin' a buck," but not at my expense. We already have enough politicians for that. It just bothers me that I'm doing the work and Google is making the money. Kinda feel like some dumb beast with a carrot in front of his nose, pulling the cart with a sign on the side that says "We are Google and we care about you."

So, for now I am content to share with my fellow hubbers and not advertise for anyone, especially my competitors.


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