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Google AdWords for Low Budgets

Updated on December 8, 2011

A Must Read for Anyone Attempting Google AdWords

Google AdWords for Low Budgets

I’m a web copywriter and landing page optimization specialist. Every day I deal with clients who want to set up a Google AdWords campaign but don’t have a large budget. There are only two reasons for capping your Google AdWords campaign at all because generally speaking you want to target as many people as you can with your Google Ads. The first reason is you simply don’t have the cash flow to spend on advertising, and the second is you’re unsure of how successful your AdWords campaign will be.

Perhaps you’re a bit of both.

So here are my top 4 tips for creating an effective PPC Campaign with a low budget.

Focus on one AdWords Campaign

Find out what your highest converting campaign is and focus all your resources on that one. Once you’ve got that one working optimally you can consider launching others. The reason for this is that Google needs a decent amount of information to monitor and rank your PPC ads, and if you only have a couple of click through a day due to budgetary constraints, you’re not giving Google enough to work with. So decide what your best campaign is and focus all your attention and budget on that one.

Use fewer Ad Groups

Ad Groups help you to target your ads more specifically. For example if you have a guest house in San Diego, you may want an ad group that specifies the accommodation angle, and one that focuses on the activities in the area, or one for golfers since your guesthouse borders on a premier golf course. Each Ad Group will have a different landing page which speaks directly to that target group. Your budget will also have to be split between the various Ad Groups, so to prevent diluting your budget too much, focus on the highest performing Ad Groups and ignore the rest for now. To use the same example, if your accommodation Ad Group performs better than the other two, why not focus on that one with your full budget and reap the conversion rewards before introducing the other Ad Groups into the picture.

Highly targeted keywords

To optimise your CTR (click through rate) you will want to do some heavy keyword research. Using Google’s keyword tool, you can isolate about ten keywords that have the highest search volumes in your specified target group/location. Don’t allocate too many keywords to your Ad Groups, rather keep it tight and focused on one high performing target group. This will maximise your CTR.

Optimized Landing Pages

For each Ad Group you will need an optimized landing page aimed at persuading those specific visitors to take action on your site. For small search markets make sure your landing page focuses on the benefits or promise you’ve made in your PPC ad. Include your keywords in your landing page headings and copy as well as a clear call to action so that the searcher knows what to do to convert.


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