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Google Adsense Phone Number and Support

Updated on April 2, 2011

Google Adsense phone number

When someone has an issue with their Google Adsense account it is usually followed by the fatal and frantic attempt to find their contact information mainly because one loses money when their account is down. On this frenzied search what is typically found is their support page: This site contains forums and tens of thousands of questions asked about Adsense and technical issues involving their operations. What is problematic is the essence of time which in turn is a loss of money. As one frequently finds out is that the issue is very minuscule yet caused the whole system to shut off on your blog or website. Years ago when I first began my blogging I had experienced this and it took me over a day to get a response on their support site. My blog contained just one word that did not abide by the TOS. I was stunned because my blog was .. well quite frankly educational but they do not take into account the theme or idea behind your blog unfortunately. It would be of great benefit to go over the Adsense Terms of Service prior to the creation of any blog that one intends to utilize Adsense with.

Where is the google adsense phone number? Please say there is at least email support!

            After many pain staking experiences within the Google Adsense (and good ones!) I have come to find there is no support phone number. Being that there are millions are Google Adsense users the telecommunication team would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This justifies their reason to use a forum instead and have a few Adsense Team members occasionally answer the “un-answerable” questions. During my ridiculous escapes searching for their phone number I did come across the numbers to their cooperate offices which are listed here: I was able to get my hands on their support email address which often times bounces back… but I have utilized it before and have received responses. Sadly, sometimes those on the receiving end of our questions through this email have no problem telling you that the question can be found on their help forum. It’s the Google help circle in which one will always end up where they started. Occasionally when I utilize the email I will get what need. Email: How ironic. Again as I said earlier over all the google adsense system and operations runs pretty damn well for the substantial size of it. Even in the realm of getting our questions answered and problems fixed the forum sure does beat being put on hold for hours at a time and just to find out your call needs to be transferred elsewhere.

              Over all though, Google Adsense provides an amazing service and great opportunities to anyone willing to work hard especially in this particular time and economy. Any user of Adsense understands that it is not an easy task to optimize their system. It involves many boring hours fixing up back links, keywords, and most importantly (and the fun part) writing useful interesting content that will naturally bring traffic. The possibilities are essentially endless …. And so is the work. (Painful yet funny!)

Google Adsense phone Number and Support


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    • profile image 5 years ago

      thevudia paiya

    • profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago

      Google has been holding our funds for 7 months because our company was sold and the TIN of the new company didn't match the old. Despite sending tax returns, and begging for a resolution all we received were canned responses. Yes, best to diversify even though Google has a near monopoly on the ad market. Small website publishers have no leverage and most likely will never win.

    • profile image

      MZ 6 years ago

      Thanks for the Google email! Hope it works. As far as the G forum "being better than being on hold", I would rather sit on hold for 4 hours than have absolutely no person to contact when the $3K we were supposed to be paid (and desperately need) has not been paid. My bad I guess. I need to diversify out of G, if that is even possible.

    • profile image

      investment 6 years ago

      Actually I do not see any contact information currently, I hope to be able to find it. perhaps you are able to direct me to the page.