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PPC Google Vs Yahoo

Updated on December 13, 2010

Is Google Adwords really better than Yahoo Search Marketing? Is YSM any better? We're gonna talk about the cons and pros about these two top PPC suppliers in detailed words. Just read on.

Google Adwords Vs Yahoo Search Marketing
Google Adwords Vs Yahoo Search Marketing

Welcome to the PPC World

When you come to this page, I presume you have already owned some PPC experience at the previous time, if you happen to reach this page as a newbie, I suggest you read something I wrote previously.

Which One Do You Use?

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For Google Adwords


  • Exclusive Free Keywords Research Tool Offered by Google
  • Worldwide coverage only with one Google Adwords Account
  • Almost 8 times traffic as Yahoo Search Volume on average

  • Q/S (Quality Score) system to judge the quality of the landing page to determine the PPC rate. Very attractive to individual or small business for a small budget on marketing.


  • Too much Competitive, therefore, more expensive PPC cost than YSM.Too costly for newbies.
  • Unable to use redirection
  • Too many restrictions.

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For Yahoo Search Marketing


  • We are able to spy on other people's compaign ad copy on the chosen keywords. It's easy for us to write a good ad copy based on them.
  • Less competitive for the same keywords here than in Google Adwords.

  • Trademark limitation is not so strict as Google Adwords.

  • Allow Redirection

Redirection Tutorial



  • Less popular than Google
  • No such a keywords suggesting tool as Google does.
  • It's also easy for others to copy your ad copies.
  • There's no such a Q/S system as in Google Adwords to lower the PPC cost.


It's wise to use both of the two PPC systems. Make use of the advantages on both sides.

Remember to check all the hubs I recommend to you. That's all about my own experience.

Good luck, pal!


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    • profile image

      Mehfooz 7 years ago

      Good to know this information.this is a great help to all especialy those in need of financial assitance about adwords and its policies.