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Google Keywords - Find The Right One!

Updated on January 11, 2011

Google Keywords - The Life-Blood of Websites

Look, if you want to be noticed on the Internet, you HAVE to pick a niche. Now I am sure most of you have heard this a Billion times but the fact of the matter is that because there are so many websites on the Internet today, most topics are flooded with supply of information. If you were to search for any one word on Google, you would come up with millions of search results.

So You Have to Pick the Right Keyword

Now, my mom told me the other day about how she read about "the google keywords" when she was reading an article on how to search for information on "the google". I love moms! lol

But even though her terminology was not the most accurate, the gist of what she was saying was exactly right... Read on for a quick example on why keywords matter when picking a niche for your new blog or website.

Google Keywords - They Matter in the Search

If you were to search for information about cats, and you typed in "information about cats" in Google (in quotes so you get the EXACT results), you would get some 900,000 search results. That means that 900,000 pages have been created with the keyword "information about cats" in them. Now if you are starting a cat related blog, you certainly do not want to compete with that many websites.

So you get a little smart and think about other "Google Keywords" that relate to cats but are more focused. If you write an article about taking care of a sick kitten, you may choose that as your keyword (Google keywords are not always words but can also be phrases). A quick search on Google using the keyword "taking care of a sick kitten" yields 16 results which is a much easier niche in which to get noticed.

Of course the other side of the coin is finding out how many people actually search for that phrase in Google. To understand that side of the coin, please check out the article mentioned below in which I explain how to use the Google Keywords Tool to target a niche like a laser beam


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    • shane_75 profile image

      shane_75 7 years ago from Murrieta, Ca

      Nice work trishool! Now I know more about how to use the keyword tool. I will try your tricks to see if they help. Sounds like it will. Thanks again