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Google Makes You Money

Updated on December 7, 2012

When starting a business one of the biggest troubles people have is getting the word out there to the locals about the new business. Google has come up with a way for new businesses to compete with rivals and even larger corporations. In the article, How to Mine Google's Gold Mine for Local Businesses by Perry Marshal, it talks about the ability to use Google’s search engine to increase the amount of people that can find your website and your business. It also talks about how 25 percent of all searches were for local information. What that means is it is very easy for a person to find a business to meet their needs within a short distance using just you smart phone. The amount of people searching for things these days via Google is growing. Businesses that do not use accelerated search engines to advertise their business are going to lose out on a lot of potential business to the businesses that do.

Google ad words has been around for a long time now but some people aren’t seeing the beneficial potential that can be gained by using something like this. It is the advertising style of pay per click. What this mean is you set a monthly budget with Google and they will advertise your business and you will only be charged every time someone specifically clicks on your ad. Google does this for you throughout the month but will only allow enough clicks per month to stay within your budget. The higher you set your budget the better quality and more clicks you will receive from people interested in your product. This is a great advertising tool because you only pay for it when it works and Google is doing all the work advertising for you.

If you have ever used Google you know if you type in a business or a type of service you need then the search engine turns into a sort of yellow pages type thing. You get a list of businesses around you with the closest distance to you first and working its way farther. This is Google’s Place Pages. Google uses Ip addresses to find your exact location and even labels the place on a map. Most businesses are already on Place Pages without even knowing it because the search engine takes information from a whole bunch of different sources and auto creates Place Pages for businesses it finds. By syncing your business web site to the Place Page you make it very easy for people in your local area to find you with a simple search. This allows for you to have an edge on your competition by possibly being closer to the customer and making them aware of that.

Some people are either unaware of this tool or are just too lazy to take advantage of it. Without it you are allowing a huge percent of potential customers to bypass your business and turn to another company that may be using this tool. With all of today’s cyber craze, businesses that aren’t maximizing the online potential will loss out. Almost everyone is connected to the internet in some way and as the years pass the amount of people using the internet will keep growing.


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