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Google Trader Nigeria review

Updated on November 9, 2012

Although there are a growing number of classified or free advertising websites in Nigeria, none of them offers a marketplace the same way Google Trader Nigeria does. It's unique, well designed and has a lot of listings.

The website for Google Trader Nigeria is located at

Google Trader is one of the ways in which Google is connecting buyers and sellers together and Nigerians are not left out. It is a huge online market where sellers can offer for sale and buyers can offer to buy.

Actually, no exchange is being made directly on Google trader as in no payment is being made or goods transferred on the platform but it offers both parties the opportunity to meet physically or arrange a means of trading.

Product or service listings on Google trader Nigeria is normally accompanied with the seller's geographical location and a means of contact. eg. Lagos and email/phone. So if a potential buyer wants to contact the seller, he would be able to do by making use of his publicly available contact details

Posting a listing at Google Trader

As a seller, you can list your goods or services on Google trader by clicking the Post a listing link from the home page. You will also be able to add pictures, include your price, select a category, choose location and provide contact details for potential buyers and then publish it when you are done. You only need to have a Google account to post a listing with Google trader and adding a picture of your product, service and even your face can help you get more leads.

Buying through Google Trader

Seen anything on the platform you'd want to buy? Then it's best to meet with the seller in question, in a public place or public place of business, inspect your goods and make payment with proof. If you get involved with any fraudulent seller or listing, you can always report to Google trader and the police if you have suffered any loss.

Using Google Trader Nigeria with your mobile phone

Apart from being able to access Nigeria's marketplace on Google with your web browser, you can also post a listing or search for listings with your mobile phone using their sms service.

To start using Google trader with sms from your mobile phone, just send the word Start to 6007 in an sms and you'd get more tips about the sms service.


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