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Google jobs working at Google

Updated on February 19, 2016

Google jobs is the place you have to go if working for one of the most spectacular companies that exist is your dream come true. Whether you are an engineering graduate, a marketeer, a law expert,or a master of Finance, there are some interesting opportunities for a career at Google spread all over the company’s different sites : NY, Pittsburgh, Austin, Miami, Michigan, just to name a few.

The corporate headquarters are based at Mountain View CA, right in the centre of the silicon valley, and have a particular name , Googleplex , which is a big complex where fountains, parking lots, plazas and courtyards coexist creating a peaceful scenario that is great for a good working environment.

If you type Google jobs at the google`s homepage the first result you will come up with is the company jobs homepage, where you will find some links and a very useful small drop-down box that I will get back to later. Like everything in Google, this page seems disappointingly simple at first but as we dig deeper the paths we are showed it surely gets more sophisticated and interesting, so lets breakdown the options we are given with.

At the jobs homepage you will find a list with three links at the top left: jobs, joining Google, life at Google and office locations.Accessing the second link , “joining Google”, opens another window with some important options, and honestly this is the most important page of Googlejobs . Any candidate who wish to be prepared the best way possible to overcome the fierce competition and wants to join the google army must read carefully the joining Google section.

First we have a short description called the hiring process, that we can expand and read to have a good idea of how everything is managed from the first contact to the contract signing . A short 3 minute video at the beginning of this page gives us testimonials of workers from different nationalities describing how the process was, how it feels to work at Google and also a senior staff outlining in simple terms how the hiring process is made.

Scrolling down we have a snapshot on what to expect from the different phases of the recruitment from a telephone interview, a site interview, the committee hiring, as well as the initial applying.

Google is everyone from everywhere


Back to the hiring process menu there is a second informational piece to expand with the title “Preparing your CV/resume”, which is self explanatory: hints and some good advise on how to create the most suitable resume to stand a chance against the job vacancy competition . The previous experience, education, the document format, are all described and are valuable information even for job applications other than Google. The piece of advice I found most original was actually a warning not to put your gender, birth date, age, family status, military situation, citizenship and personal identification numbers (the zuckerberg curse..).

Again at the Joining Google page ( honestly the most important page for the serious candidate) we find the third and last menu to expand called “ preparing for your interview”. Reading through the short list of tips we can easily conclude that honesty above all is one of google`s solid principles. A candidate should be (highly) prepared to backup all the technical, analytical or other skills presented at his CV- chances are that the interview will surely come to a phase where he will have to prove live the most important skills outlined to the specific job in question.In Wall street lingo we can translate in putting the money where you mouth is -usually when a analyst\ fund manager suggests some stock or sector for his audience to be invested in he usually is asked if he will also make the call from his pocket. The game is more or less the same at Google.

At this page we can also find the usual FAQ area, ways to get in touch ( twitter, Buzz, locations), reasons to join Google and also a testimonial area where some employees write about life at Google and where we can see their academic background.

Again at Google jobs homepage we have a second link from the list on the left called life at Google. Here you will find a a brief text explaining why they are different, how they proud themselves of being that way, and a link that opens the Life at Google YouTube channel with a series of videos showing the everyday business at the googleplex as well as other locations. This page is actually one of the first places that people tend to search for just to have a feeling of how different and exciting must be to work at this company.

Google is everywhere literally !

The home page has also a office locations link that opens a page with a world Google map with flags signaling all the locations and facilities that belong to the company. You can browse their offices by regions ( Americas, Asia-Pacific,EMEA) and open the links for each country to see their micro pages and check the respective existing departments.

Finally we can explore the first place we are directed to after a “google jobs” type search at Google search engine.At the homepage besides the links we talked about previously, you can find a search box to assess the vacancies per location and per category with the option of typing directly your search for a specific country, location or job title.

Right to the search box is a grey area with some titles like Engineering Operations, Finance, Sales and Customer support, and so on, with a brief description of what each of these areas consist. If you expand to see the full text a new page is open and besides getting a better idea of what each department is all about, you can see a list of the offices that have currently open positions for that specific area. Below this list you find a short video where a leader of that area briefly explains the department’s contribution and position at google`s universe.

At the home page you will also find the usual ways to stay in touch of the latest news and job openings using the popular channels: Facebook, Twitter, buzz,YouTube and Google careers. All is displayed under the grey box with each department description.

For students and recent graduates Google provides opportunities as well. Clicking the student site through the link at the medium top left in the home page, a site is open showing opportunities per region and country, and a video giving some reasons why getting Google to be a person’s first employee can be a major step stone\starting point in someones career ( a small link to Google students channel on YouTube is also available here). Each country link gives access to a small page with a video from each country where testimonials are given by students from all over the world. Other mentionable stuff at this area are links to the students blog and a feed subscription icon to stay up to date for new entries and problems presented at the blog.

Joining Google is no easy task : the fierce competition from worldwide automatically leads to an excess of candidates , therefore standards can be highly demanding and still lots of people pass the first stages. The interviews contain probably the most demanding and bizarre queries that anyone can be confronted with in his life, and anything beyond excellent is considered average.


From the videos and testimonials presented one thing is assured: happy enthusiastic workers , fulfilled professionals with top education and skills and a one of a kind environment is what makes working Google so unique .


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    • davidrio profile image

      David 7 years ago from Lisbon

      Thank you Chan and Thank you GmaGoldie, in fact Google is a great place both on and off-line

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Love Google! Great information. I also love the TED videos from Google.

    • chan0512 profile image

      chan0512 7 years ago from Camarillo, CA

      Interesting article! Google may be a dream job for some people. Thanks again for sharing this informative article.