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Google + the new conversation

Updated on September 6, 2011

Why the fuss?

Google has a new kid in their program, google +. This new kid is stirring up some trouble. It has created a player environment, all the big kids have come out to play.

Google Plus is this new kid, it has only entered so far in BETA stage, all the players have been attracted like swarms and it is creating some fuss.

Mashable a great internet source notes statistics that have soured. Smashingapps has been noted to say to its readers that it is boasting over 26 million on the date of 6th September of them writing this statistic. With this diamond in the rough costing a astronomical amount of $585 Million. Many entering this space initially where met with google employees and found out there are many.

Lets just say there are players on the internet that may not want to play with google this but may just have to as their share of sharing has increased and no one can see this decreasing.

Google is now more than a search engine, entering the social space was done effectively this time.
Google is now more than a search engine, entering the social space was done effectively this time. | Source

The tour

Google has created an excellent tour to take you through their new system, they have created an easy way to explain their concept. When listening to the buzz online, you can hear the two features that stand out.

Circles & Hangouts.

Of course best way to understand something is seeing it for yourself. Included is a way to use them, of course google have supplied huge how to's and help sections, which is a credit to them making it so easy. Why not they own Youtube.

More Understanding?

if you require more information, I encourage you along with all my friends to check out the tutorial firstly.

The tutorial shows you exactly all about this new conversation and google experience. It will take you through Sparks, Hangouts, Circles, Mobile & huddle.

For my opinion I am enjoying the experience, finally my search and research meet social spaces and i am integrated. I like the simplicity, the ease. So now it's your turn, what do you think?

Are you using Google plus?

If yes your using google plus, do you like it?

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    • alvinalex profile image

      alvinalex 6 years ago

      Google+ as we know it is the New feature of Google and people want to know more about it. Well its a great topic to share information. Thanks, Voted Up.