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Government Jobs in India – Get Employed and Your Life is settled

Updated on April 19, 2012

The Government of India has various departments which ensure that the administration of the country is managed effectively. The various departments include the defense organizations, railways, telecommunication, nationalized banks, legal department, administrative departments, etc. Government jobs in India make up the employment opportunities that come up in the various departments of the government, which is very essential for that particular department to function. DRDO recruitment are most sought after amongst the technically qualified.

Recruiting personnel for the various departments of the government is a continuous process, and goes on year after year. Employees are recruited to fill up posts, starting from the lowest grade, to the plum post in any particular government office. Millions ofIndia’s citizens are employed in the various Government departments. The one common thing that all the employees working for the Indian Government enjoy is assured job security.

Government jobs inIndiaby default spells financial and job security. Once employed by the government, an individual would continue to benefit from the job, in terms of taking home a pay that was promised while joining work, this pay does not carry the insecurity of being reduced, over a period of time. Decrements are a thing associated with private companies’ employment; it is unheard of in the government sector.

A government employee would earn his promised salary month after month, and has revisions either yearly, or subject to his promotion. There never arises a chance of demotion, or salary cuts for lack of performance at work, and all.

A government employee need not be wary of job loss, since the Government of India is a permanent entity. As discussed early, the employee always looks forward to increments in salary, and is never weighed down by a fear of downsized salary.

Salary apart, government makes allowances for certain important festivals. During such a time, the employee stands to gain some festival bonuses.

The government employees have a decided upon percentage of salary that gets deducted for Provident Fund, or PF. The PF amount would earn an interest from the government, and acts as a retirement fund for the employee. The employee gets to enjoy the saved amount post-retirement. The employee could also take a loan from his or her PF amount to take care of emergencies that may arise unexpectedly, for a very nominal rate of interest.

Government employees benefit from a day job, with a fixed number of work hours. No employee is forced to work beyond the work hours, he would be paid extra, if additional hours beyond the duty hours, need to be put in.

Government declares public holidays, and on these days employees have a day off.

Employees are also benefited from taking up to 15 days of casual leave in a year. The employee could remain absent from work during the leave period, but is still paid. These leaves are utilized by the employees in the eventuality of falling sick, etc.

Employees are allowed to form associations, and associations overlook the protection of employee interests.

The government also provides house rent allowances, travelling allowances, dearness allowances, leave and travel concession, etc.

With such plum options thrown in, who would not want to be part of the government jobs in India?


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    • profile image 4 years ago

      Getting govt job is difficult.. but it is service oriented..

    • profile image 5 years ago


      Now a days lot of central government jobs and bank jobs are notified .

    • profile image

      Haider 5 years ago

      Hello friends,

      I think government jobs are a good way to secure our future. In this new era, with recession coming any time only government jobs are a way to earn handsome salary and secure our jobs,

      If any one looking for government jobs in India, then is a good website for them to end their job search.

    • profile image

      dawn 5 years ago

      if u work for govt org, u will have to work in same post for several years to get everything is rigid and no place for individual workmanship

    • profile image

      Gokhale Pramod 6 years ago

      The government is for the people so government is providing jobs to the needy people then that is the welfare, but nowadys these jobs are routine oriented and less challenging. with few exceptions like DRDO, ISRO,BARC remaining jobs are highly privileged and just entitlment, if the recruitment is curtailed then that is the reason government employess are less productive

      I had never been to government employment but i do not critise anyone but in globalisation era, creativity and productivity are the measurment of effiency otherwise these jobs are islands of prosparity for few handpicked and others talented barred to enter there.

    • profile image

      software for live tv 6 years ago

      I've never been to India before however I must say 15 days casual leave during a year on a job does sound pretty attractive.