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Government Regulation Is For Sissies

Updated on October 14, 2012
At a gold mine this is what is commonly refered to as the shaft.  I think you have seen it.
At a gold mine this is what is commonly refered to as the shaft. I think you have seen it.

Government Regulation Is For Sissies

I am tired of all this talk about government regulation. The Republicans are right on this one. We don’t need big government in our business. I say cut the budget by getting rid of all unnecessary regulation.

Let’s start with stop signs. I notice that a whole bunch of drivers don’t use them so why waste the money on them? Take them down. When you broadside someone who didn’t stop to let you go, they will learn their lesson. They won’t be in your way tomorrow. Same with the yellow traffic light, nobody uses that either. We don’t need it.

And all this EPA stuff the Tree Huggers love. We don’t need clean water when you can by that filtered water that is real clean and tastes good too. So what if there is no oxygen for the fish, they can swim somewhere else just like we do. And redwood trees aren’t so important. If they were all cut down you could see the ocean better and build condos and stuff that is good for the USA. You could probably even sell the trees and make pencils.

Just like those smart guys on TV say, Drill, Drill, Drill for oil and the heck with the environment. No one lives in the Gulf of Mexico or on the tundra anyway. We need gas and if we have it let’s use it. Those fishermen can get a job on an oil rig or go fish somewhere else. And there are other beaches besides those on the Gulf.

And insurance rates are way too low. We need the insurance companies to have enough to pay big salaries and dividends and if there is something left over pay something to the insured. They have to make a profit first to pay those lobbyists.

Do you know that public schools and especially the teachers are costing a lot of money? Why do we need to educate so many children? A lot of them are poor and their parents both have to work so they can’t go to the PTA meetings and help out. We should just educate the children in the wealthy towns because they can afford college. We should give them vouchers from the public school budget and cut the public school budgets. Have you ever seen a poor guy run for President? We could save lots of money on regulating because the private schools don’t need regulation.

We all know that GE and other big companies don’t pay any taxes. That is a good thing because they create jobs. I know most of these jobs are overseas but it is a global economy and that is good for business. I saw that on TV too. I think it was FOX. The smart guys on TV said that we have too much regulation and that is why the jobs go overseas. I think that is why they don’t pay taxes either. Oh yea, GE got a rebate for not paying taxes, a few million only. That was probably also due to those regulations.

You see where this is going yet. The problem is regulations! Did you know that there is a department of the government that thinks that companies should not put their employees in danger? OSHA actually tries to keep employees from getting injured or killed on the job. What a waste! The company will do that. Like that chicken slaughter house that locked all the exit doors so the employees wouldn’t go outside and get hurt. They didn’t know there would be a fire. I mean how many times does that happen? The republicans want to cut OSHA’s budget way down so they can’t bother companies trying to make a dollar or two. What a good idea. Save money and make money. Good for business good for the USA.

I wonder if there is a way to cut back on the air traffic control people. They must make a lot of money.

We can use the money we save to build more roads in the National Forests so it is easier to get the trees out. And then we can let the ranchers use the land for grazing their cows and sheep. That would be good for business. It was a good idea to exempt the oil and gas companies from the EPA in 2005. Now they can go fracking on others people’s land and not worry about polluting the ground water. A lot of these people are complaining but Bush knew that it would be good for business. I think a lot of republicans are oil guys so they know these things. And they know what is good for business is good for the USA.

So it should be clear to you that regulations are for sissies and not good for business. So in conclusion regulations are bad for the USA.


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    • profile image

      promotion site 5 years ago

      That was some interesting stuff here on Thanks for posting it.

    • GNelson profile image

      GNelson 6 years ago from Florida


      Thanks for the neat comment. I do not believe the small government Peolpe know what they are asking for. "Get the government out of my medicare" is their battle cry. They didn't cry "get my government out of Wall Street" until after they got all the tax dollars.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 6 years ago

      You're a hoot! What the heck, just can the whole government while you're at it. Repeal all regulations and laws. They're always talking about the Founding Fathers, we might as well live like they did. Got your musket?

      voted way up and hilarious.

    • GNelson profile image

      GNelson 6 years ago from Florida

      HSchneider, Glad you got my point. I sometimes feel that someone took my country and replaced it with a corporation.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Who needs Congress then? Your points are well taken and fabulously funny tongue in cheek. The anti-regulation people are totally out of hand and obsessed. Ayn Rand is their prophet and holy grail all wrapped in one. Most of these people are brainwashed by Corporate America who funds the Tea Party and many others. Excellent Hub.