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Graduates and their future

Updated on April 12, 2012

When one finishes high school, there are most people who think life will get easier, but it doesn't get easier. I am sure that most know that they have to go to college and so some of them start early and register for classes which is smart. But to even afford college you have to be able to qualify for financial aide and even get loans if needed. Just to think of loans can make a person not even want to continue college. However, in the end for most of the people it is worth going to college.

College seems pretty easy for most students especially when they are able to choose which classes to take. We all get good experiences during college, we meet so many other people. College isn't like high school, we meet so many people in college and it really makes us more responsible in a way. As students we all get to choose a major that will lead to our career, some of us have changed it like two or three times. We all want to choose the best career and profession that will help us succeed in the future, however in this day in time there are not even as many jobs that one would like to have.

On graduation day, the college graduates are so happy that they completed their degree that they start to think of their future out of college. I have a Bachelors Degree in Management and I am still looking for a management position, but in the job that I am now, I am getting all the experience I could use for when I actually get a good management job.

The economy is tough now more than ever when it comes to looking for a job. There is all this competition and not many companies hiring like they used to. It seems that one has to start in low jobs now and put their degree aside. But still I know some who will keep on looking because they have a hope that they will find a good job.


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