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Graphic designer jobs which unleash your creativity

Updated on April 21, 2015

To keep that creative streak alive

So you always wanted to be a painter or an artist in your childhood, just because you had that creative streak in you and a vision to create masterpieces. However, you could not channelize your energies in that direction to train yourself as a painter or an artist. But now, thanks to the advent of digital means which will allow you to bring your aspirations to life. Yes, we are talking about graphic designing. Graphic designing is the practise of designing graphics by using photography, software programs, illustration, print layout, animation in order to deliver a message. That graphic can further be used on a website, television show, newspapers, books or magazines. Every poster, signboard, or graphic that you see around you are created by a graphic designer; not just by using his skills but also his creativity. Graphic designer jobs are for those who have know how to use various tools to design as well as have that creative spark in them. So lets take a look on the skills, compensation, top employers along with distribution of graphic designer jobs in various cities of India.


Skills essential for graphic designer jobs

In order to become a skilled graphic designer, you would certainly need a basic skill set which will allow you to handle a client's or an employer's task efficiently. There are certain skills that one needs to develop before starting as a graphic designer. These skills will not only make you a proficient graphic designer, but will also make you a viable hire and will certain take your career to new heights at various stages.

Style Statement: A designer needs to possess a style, which defines their artwork or the graphics that they have created. It is of prime importance that a designer must be comfortable and expert with their own style. Which is further utilized when creating a graphic for a targeted audience, keeping in mind that it is unique and leaves an impact on the minds of the audience. A designer needs to master a style, so that it makes the design unique and adds a structure to a design.

Project Management: Being organized on a daily basis is the foremost task for a designer, as it helps to maintain workflow as well as ensures on time delivery. Project management further helps create a timeline to complete various phases of a project, which makes it of high importance for a designer to have a grasp on the nuances of project management. This gives a designer an edge over the rest of the lot as he knows that what needs to be done and when it needs to be done, in order to maintain efficient levels of performance.

Typography: Typography is one of the essential constituents of a design. By typography we mean, the know-how of font families, line-height, kerning and tracking. And typography primarily is concerned with how well designed, clean, and readable is the design type in order to effectively communicate and deliver the message. Typography is of utmost importance to the advertising industry. A designer must be able to identify a portion of the main fonts used for clarity in readable content and also must know when to use which type class and with which shape, color and form; to fluently communicate with the audience.

Creative bent of mind: This is one of the most important skills, that a graphic designer must possess otherwise the above mentioned skilled will be somewhat redundant, as their application is primarily based on this skill. A graphic designer must be able to think on their toes, to make something remarkable which makes an impact on the viewer. This will allow them to set themselves apart from the rest, by thinking outside the box, making way for brilliant new ideas and incorporating them in the designs that they create.

Web Design: A designer must know the nuances of web development being in an age of online advertising, social media and blogging. A graphic designer must be loaded with web development skills such as HTML and CSS. This skill when added to your profile will allow you an access to lucrative opportunities, as many companies now pay considerable amount of attention to their web presence. As a graphic designer with web-development as an added skill set will open many doors, as employers now look for graphic designers who are multi-talented and help them save costs by taking up one or two roles simultaneously.


Career path of graphic designer jobs

The career path which you will need to tread; in order to get hired for graphic designer jobs, the path is quite simple and well defined. The first phase of this path would be getting yourself trained as a graphic designer, all along developing a strong portfolio of designs that will be of use when applying for your first graphic designer job. As a graphic designer you will need to maintain a portfolio of all your work that you will do throughout your career, as it will be of great consideration while applying for jobs ahead in future.

Graphic Designer jobs hire for profiles such as:

Junior Designer: This profile is offered to those who are new-entrants, making a debut in their career. Junior graphic designers are responsible for basic retouching, basic production and design generation. The minimum academic qualifications that are required for this role is a bachelor's degree as well skills in graphic designing softwares such as corel draw, abode photoshop and Quark Xpress. An internship in a graphic designing role will enhance your prospects. After spending up to 2 years in this role and acquiring new skills along with a portfolio, makes you eligible to apply for graphic designing jobs as a designer.

Designer: After having spent 2 years as a junior graphic designer, acquiring skills and experience with layout, typography as well as the prevailing industry trends; will be essential for this job role. In order, to apply for graphic designer jobs for this role your portfolio must contain design samples of brochures, pamphlets, posters and logo designs. Advance knowledge in softwares such as Photoshop, illustrator, freehand, quark Xpress along with Pagemaker and Powerpoint will make your profile stronger.

Senior Designer: Senior designers work in conjunction with Design directors or creative directors; which require an additional management skill in your skill set apart from all the skills that you have polished in your previous roles. Senior designers must be able to visualize, conceptualize and brainstorm for the projects that they have been assigned; as well as assist designers under him for execution. This requires additional skills such as; time-management, market-trends and an ability to coordinate with different teams working on a project. As far as design skills are concerned, a senior designer must be an expert with skills which were of importance in his previous roles and develop his skills in web development, along with strong understanding of its functions and applications.

Design Director: A design director is responsible for various aspects of a project and is involved with managing and executing photo-shoots, storyboard, understands the market trends and consumer behavior. This profile in graphic designer jobs require minimum 4 to 8 years of experience in graphic designing. A design director must know the applications and their capacity up to which they can be used. Additional skills that are required for this job role are; HTML, Javascript and experience in Art- direction.

Creative Director: This is the top of the hierarchical pyramid of graphic designer jobs. The role of a creative director is more strategically oriented, aligning the deliverable with the goals and business plans of the client, is what creative directors are primarily concerned with. Apart from the skills and experience earned in their previous roles, a creative director must be able to display an ability to think outside the box, by applying conceptual, technical and creative aspects keeping in mind the end result or the bigger picture. Here software based skills are not that important, as the responsibilities are more on the management side.


Annual compensation that you can look forward for

As per PayScale, an online salary, benefits and compensation information company; the average annual compensation for graphic designer jobs varies according to the skills, years of experience and level of skills. On the onset of your career as a junior designer you will be entitled for an annual compensation of Rs. 168,000, which will go up to Rs. 234,203 after earning up to 2-3 years of experience in your role as a junior designer. After having spent 4-5 years as a designer, the next profile that of a senior designer will fetch you up to Rs 409,702 annually. The next position that of a design director, has an earning capacity of Rs 592,405 annually which further goes up to Rs 1,140,000 as the creative director in a graphic design company. These figures are approximate and you may form your salary expectations around these numbers as a reference to the prevailing industry standards for graphic designer jobs.

Top companies that offer graphic designer jobs along with valued experience

Tata Elxi, Bangalore
And Design Co, Mumbai
Cogwheel Studios, Bangalore
Edge Studios, New Delhi
Fisheye, New Delhi
Onio Design, Pune
ZZ Architects, Mumbai
Think Design, Hyderabad
Vidvus, Coimbatore
Mangoblossom Design, Mumbai

Working for any of these employers, will help you develop a sound portfolio using latest technologies and softwares; allowing you to be a part of some of the best projects in the industry. The experience that you will earn; will serve as a gateway to apply for graphic designer jobs that come with higher roles and rise in your annual compensation.

To Help You Know More About Graphic Designing


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