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Great Books about Starting a Small Business

Updated on June 12, 2011

Starting a Small Business is Easy with These Books

When I set out to start a small business, I knew I wanted advice I could trust. As useful as the internet is, with something as important as starting a small business, I wanted reliable information.

I found two books to be indispensable in my project.

The first is a legal book that walks new entrepreneurs through the nuts and bolts of starting the business, from filing paperwork with the Secretary of State, to funding and insuring your business.

The book is called "Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business" by Fred S. Steingold. A lawyer, Steiingold is adept at pointing out the dangers associated with starting a small business and how to protect your personal assets from those dangers.

He also includes helpful sections on branding, trademarking, and copyrighting your business name and logo.

The second book applies mostly to businesses in the creative realms–publishing, writing, music, and art–but it has much to offer any business where branding and marketing are paramount.

The book is Booklife by James VanderMeer. VanderMeer gives concrete example of how to leverage Internet connectivity to make sales (of books, in his case). His techniques apply to any business that wants to market using low-cost social networking to sell their products and promote their brand. He has a sharp insight into how online relationships turn into face-to-face deals.

It also includes an excellent appendix with articles from industry professionals, a sample press release, and other how-tos.The book could very well be called Internet Marketing for Dummies, but then, Wiley would have sued him.

Quora is Better than a Book about Small Business

Even better than a book about small business is the online Q&A service Quora. Structured like Yahoo Questions, this site has thousands of questions answered by experts in their fields. What sets Quora apart is the vast wealth of knowledge its contributors have in the areas of Internet start-ups, venture capitalization, and start-up management. It is like a free online MBA in entrepreneurship. Sign up, contribute, and learn.


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