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Great Business Ideas Come From Life's Great Pains

Updated on March 22, 2011

You might often find yourself wondering how entrepreneurs and innovators come up with the great ideas that shape our planet and make life better for everyone, but it's really not all that complicated. It all comes down to basic awareness skills. You don't have to be a Henry Ford or Bill Gates to come up with one of the future's great business ideas.

Anyone can think of some great business ideas simply by being more aware of the hassles and pains that must be dealt with on a daily basis. With a larger awareness of inconveniences comes a bigger capacity to formulate new and creative solutions in your mind. I know for many people this is probably a major diversion from your normal thought process, but the results could really amaze you.

It seems to me that a large majority of the world's population is content to simply push through life and all its inconveniences with blinders on to what is really possible. They are focused solely on simply marking time and completing their daily, monotonous checklists. The daily routine is so consuming for these types of people that they have neither the inclination nor the time to come up with new and unique solutions.

I think that these people probably don't understand that if they were to stop for just a few moments and focus whenever a problem arises, they might arrive at a great business idea that nobody has ever come up with before. It's been said many times that necessity is the mother of invention, and this is very true in my experience. But these inventions or ideas can only spring forth from an open and fully prepared mind.

More specifically, you have to make a serious and lasting effort to brainstorm ideas that could alleviate the hassles and pains of daily human life. If one of your daily chores is taking up too much time, stop for a moment and think about what kind of service or product could be formed to terminate a few steps. If one of your constant weekly tasks is a serious pain in the rear, reflect on unique ways to make it less complicated.

Just as an example, there are pet waste removal services forming all over the country. This is a chore that most pet owners absolutely hate because it's hugely disgusting and time-consuming. Apparently, though, it never occurred to anyone until rather recently that a small business service to address this problem could be a very lucrative venture.  The sky is the limit with this kind of home based business because Americans will always own dogs and those dogs will always need to doo-doo.  Who know, maybe someday soon we'll have a billionaire in the country who made it all off of dog excrement removal franchises.

Keeping in line with the pet theme, an example of a cool product idea is the GPS dog collar. Unlike the countless pet owners who merely complained about not being able to find their lost animal, the creator of this product probably used the situation as a unique opportunity to think of an "outside the box" solution. The ultimate result is a product that is sweeping across the nation like wildfire. Keeping pets is an American pastime that just gets bigger every single year, and I know that product creators have only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible in this industry. Some people treat their dogs better than they treat their kids, for Pete's sake, and they are willing to spend crazy amounts of money to keep their animals comfortable and safe.

To conclude, if you really desire to have a great business idea then you must come to grips with the reality that it will most likely arrive when you have a mind that is open to new ways of doing things. In much broader terms, it's really about having a more positive and philosophical outlook on life. If you can look at daily inconveniences as opportunities for growth and advancement then you can have a realistic shot at stumbling across the next big idea.


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