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Bailout Banks Outsourcing Jobs to India

Updated on January 26, 2014

Americans Don't Need Tech Support Jobs?

And before you jump all over me for pointing out simple truths - I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN! And I believe it is TIME TO PUT AMERICANS FIRST - ALL AMERICANS!

Do You think Obama and his Wallstreet Gang give a rats ass about American Jobs? First they cram through the Bailout Legislation which has not created any new jobs. Then they give away Billions to Banks as a ploy to "save" jobs and prevent the financial industry from failing. All the while CEO's just keep cramming their own personal accounts with cash. Now this? Outsourcing jobs to India by companies that YOUR AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS BAILED OUT!

If you think anyone in Washington DC cares about anything other than money you are sadly mistaken. Just look at the Health Care fiasco. Cramming more bad legislation through. And playing party politics. Threatening dissenters from the Democratic Party with no support come re-election time.

This is America? This is the land of the free? Can you opt out of paying your taxes? Sure you can, but if you do you go to prision.

So you might want to invest in Johnson and Johnson the makers of KY Jelly because it's going to really start to hurt as the Obama Administration starts really sticking it up Americas collective A-hole.

Source: Reuters News

MUMBAI (Reuters) – Leading Indian outsourcers such as Tata Consultancy (TCS.BO), Infosys (INFY.BO) and Wipro (WIPR.BO) stand to gain contracts worth about $1 billion in the next one or two years as U.S. banks emerge from the troubled asset relief program, the Economic Times reported on Monday.

The newspaper said JPMorgan (JPM.N), Goldman Sachs (GS.N) and Morgan Stanley (MS.N) that received approval to buy back government stake worth $68 billion earlier this year are among the firms seeking operational efficiencies by outsourcing non-core IT and back-office projects to India.

American Express (AXP.N), Bank of New York Mellon (BK.N) and Capital One, which have started repaying government debt, were also considering outsourcing, it said.

Isn't it time we start outsourcing American Jobs to AMERICANS? I have nothing against Indians, but I have everything against an Administration that DOESN'T PUT AMERICA FIRST!

Not the "Change" You were looking for?

There is this guy in Christian Literature called Lucifer that also is rumored to deceive people.
There is this guy in Christian Literature called Lucifer that also is rumored to deceive people.

Obama is a Wall Street Puppet - Stop the Lies


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  • profile image


    8 years ago

    just goes to show you where this country is headed. my wife wroked for morgan stanley at the world trade center on 9/11, and was injured in the attack. she stayed with the company through its recovery after the incident, and through the economic crisis which followed. she has not received a raise or a bonus for the past two years, yet has never complained. while she was on her mandatory two weeks vacation, her boss called her and told her that her job was being outsourced to india. as of august 31, she will no longer have a job. this is the way these companies reward their loyal and dedicated employees. our government does nothing to discourage outsourcing, and makes no effort to preserved jobs in this country. since we have built an economy based on consumer spending, unless we can get the population of india to buy our products, which are now being made in china, we are headed down the road to becoming a second or third rate power.

  • ethel smith profile image

    Ethel Smith 

    9 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

    This goes on too much in the UK also.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    9 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Unfortunately Obama doesn't put Americans first. He doesn't care any more than the Congress does that he is an employee of the US tax paying citizens.


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