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Great Resume Cover Letter Template

Updated on December 18, 2014

A cover letter is an accompanying letter that introduces your resume. Resumes should not be sent without one and cover letters are individualized for each position you apply for. The cover letter is an extension of your resume and should reflect that your understanding and knowledge the employer’s needs.

A great cover letter is key to introducing yourself and your resume to potential future employers. It should be well-written and highlight your purpose, goals, skills, experience and accomplishments. To use the template below, simply open Microsoft Word, cut and paste the template to Microsoft Word, fill in the underlined portions with your own information, remove the underlining by highlighting with your mouse cursor and clicking U, and saving it to your computer or software.




City, State Zip



Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing you today to express interest in employment with your company for the office manager position. I am very interested in becoming a member of your team. I have a strong background in marketing, management, administration, sales and customer service. I possess exceptional organizational and administrative skills as well as excellent communication and human relations skills that I feel will be a great asset to your organization. I have dual degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice. I am currently working towards both a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Psychology. My education and training better prepare me for tasks that lie ahead. It has allowed me to gain knowledge and understanding in a vast variety of areas crucial to this type of work environment.

I am currently employed with Verizon Wireless as a Senior Financial Specialist. While employed with Verizon Wireless, I have consistently exceeded all goals set forth by my department. I was employed with Tribute Properties from June 2003 through January 2005. While I was employed with Tribute Properties, the properties I managed maintained an occupancy percentage well above average for the Wilmington market. The organizational, marketing, management and administrative skills I have obtained and demonstrated will greatly enhance future endeavors. I was also employed with Phillips Management Group for one and a half years. This position also created a foundation for future positions I will hold.

I understand there will be things I will have to learn, but I know I am ready, willing and able to succeed if given the opportunity. I have many personal experiences which I am sure can be utilized. I am also an extremely fast learner, good with people, very responsible and dedicated to my work, as well as being open to new experiences. I hope you will review my resume and contact me to set up an appointment for an interview. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.




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