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Great Ways To Promote Your Online Store!

Updated on August 29, 2014

Let search engines find you:

Another great way to promote your online store is to submit your website to multiple search engines like Google, and Bing to heighten your chances of being found.

Get Social!

Social Networking
Social Networking | Source


Craigslist is a great way to advertise your business for free especially with the personal ad section. On Craigslist you can advertise almost anything about your business so it’s in fact a very useful tool.

Be a social butterfly:

If you want more people to know about your online business you’ve got to be out there, and to be out there you’ve got to be social. The more people you know, the more connections you have, and the more connections you have, the better your business (weird I feel like a direct TV Commercial).

What works for you?

What do you usually use to promote your store?

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Blog about it:

Take a few minutes out of your schedule to create a cool little blog for your great online store. Explain what your store has to offer that other stores don’t and the latest deals available. Link each post to specific items in your blog along with a picture so users can see what you are offering, and buy them if interested.

Browse some Q&A sites:

Take a look at Q&A sites with topics pertaining to your online store. Websites like yahoo answers, quora, and web answers are great to use.

Improve your relationship with current customers:

Believe it or not this is one of the most essential and best ways to promote your online store. If your clients like your service, they will keep coming back and refer other people. Providing good customer service is just as important as selling your product. The more your relationship with your clientele grows the more clientele will refer you to more customer. Enough said.

Article Marketing:

You can review one your products by using a very good article site like Hubpages, Helium or infobarrel as opposed to maintaining a blog for your website.

Talk to your friends:

Don’t be shy to mention to your family and friends that you’ve started an online store. Having their support and honest feedback about your work may help you better your business. And who knows, they might even promote it for you!

Happy customers
Happy customers

Ask customers to review your product:

Do you see those prompts or pop ups on Google play? Whenever you install an app a message comes up asking you to leave some feedback and rate them. Well maybe you should do the same thing. Leave a message asking each customer to review your product if they like after each purchase made. Honest wholesome feedback can build up your reputation as well as help you improve areas you may need to work on.


This really optional as smaller stores may not have the budget to do this, but if you can, offer giveaways to your customers. If they buy a certain item or spend over a certain price they can be entered to win a cool a prize. You might be surprised at how many sales you can get from this.

Design a custom t-shirt and wear it:

Advertise yourself. Design a cool logo on a t-shirt, and include your website url with a tag line. People walking around might come up to you and ask about it which is a great way to gain new customers, and promote your online store.

Print Ad or Flyer:

Design presentable flyers for your online store to hand out to potential customers. Make sure your url stands out so people don’t miss it.

Use QR codes:

A lot of people use their phones on a regular basis as opposed to a standard desktop computer, and most of them probably scanned a QR code in lifetime. Use QR codes as a means to lead potential clients to your website.

Business Cards:

If you’re trying to promote your online store you should at least have a business card. It is a really good way to leave your information with others in a professional way, and have them contact you.

Use your car windshield or front door:

Some people put their college school names in their rear windshields, but you instead can promote your business name by doing the same. Advertise your website url in a small area of your windshield (this way you can see behind you when you drive). You can also do the same with the front door of your house.


Create a series of videos about your product or service:

Maybe you’re not so good with writing and blogging. Maybe talking is your thing? That’s completely okay. You can communicate with potential customers by creating videos about your online store and reviewing a few products that you’re selling. You can use outlets such as youtube, or vimeo to get started for free.


If you want to make an impression you can give out stickers about your online store instead or along with your business cards. You may catch the attention of those who you hand them to since most people don’t usually hand out sticker with or as business cards.

Mailing Lists:

You can send about 300-500 letters of postcards promoting your online store. Some have found success through this while others have found other methods to be more beneficial.


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    • The-skyelight profile imageAUTHOR

      Kernia Belizaire 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      You can hold a contest this way, but before setting up a contest you should set up some contest rules or else some people may abuse it (setting up multiple blog accounts and profiles in order to win).

      You also have to set up restrictions as this can be illegal in some countries outside of the US (things like random drawings and such can be illegal in other countries), and you should also restrict the contests to age limits such as 13 or 18 and up so that you do not get into any legal issues (google COPPA to learn a bit more about this). Also you may have to narrow down to some (not all) states in the US as a few states such as NY may require you to be registered and bounded for giveaways over a certain amount (about $5,000 I think).

      Please know that contests do not necessarily bring in the followers that you may want (some unwanteds will be present) so just make sure that your content is king above all. Always update on time and frequently to keep your audience.

      Instead of doing a contest and spending money (or time and effort) on an item, you can simply have prompts or a window pop up on your blog asking viewers to stay tuned in for updates by subscribing .

      You may have seen this on other blogs where after 10 or so seconds (sometimes earlier) of viewing their site a window pops up asking you to subscribe by entering your email or by feeds.

      If you have an already growing audience that repeadly visits your blog, this can be a better and easier alternative to holding contests as it reminds them to follow you to continue reading your great content.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great suggestions. I am trying to promote my new blog. Could I have a contest to give a prize to my 50th follower, for example? I see people doing contests for YouTube subscribers. I have people reading but not joining the site. Voted up.


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