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Great sales people have bad days "It is in the cards".

Updated on February 15, 2014
Sometimes sales seem to look cold but many times by having the right knowledge and sales skills it is warmer than you think.
Sometimes sales seem to look cold but many times by having the right knowledge and sales skills it is warmer than you think. | Source

It is like a Deck of Cards.

Many years ago I was trained by a great salesman, whom seems to have his act together. I won't mention his name but he taught me well.

His focus was to aim for the leader and do what the leader does, In other words do not try to reinvent the wheel he said.

At that time in my career he made a lot of money compared to what I was making at the time, So my ears were listening to every word he had to say, the proof was in the numbers, his numbers. He said: "people lie but numbers never lie". Although he was not flashy and seemed to have his life together and very few things bothered him. He seemed to be able to solve all problems very quickly and to the benefit of the customer most of the time, But one quote I learned from him something he always said and it stuck with me over the years. "A company that truly believes the customer is always right is wrong". That some customers will try to get over on you and you must be able to see through the lies and get to the real truth.

He taught me how to deal with this type of customer and it always seemed to work.

When a customer becomes upset with you or the company. Say this


First blame everything on yourself by saying things like this, I am sorry Mr Jones that it was my fault to double check on that and I dropped the ball on this. Can you forgive me? By shifting the blame onto yourself how can someone yell at you when you confessed to it. Believe me it works! It seems to smooth over everything almost immediately. The customer than will usually say something like I understand now and I am sorry that I yelled at you. Than they may tell you the real truth and that in most cases you can solve. The key to this is truly you must care about people and that people do not like to yell at others. Although you will not win over everyone but your batting average will be high.

The Slow Sales Day

Now that the first paragraph tells you that you are always responsible for great results or no results, Face it there are no free rides and you must be thick skinned to be great.

This same great salesman taught me that sales was like a deck of cards.

The face cards were sales,

The joker was a mean customer

and the other cards all said no to you.

Have you ever played any type of card game? You could get 3 Aces in a row or 5 non face cards in a row, but by always being in the game you will eventually get the face cards.

Now how do you handle a bad day

Be proactive by setting up your next sale, it is like a great pool player the great ones not only hit their current shot but always set up the next one.

Did you call some sales leads

Did you text some sales leads

Did you email some sales leads

Did you visit some sales leads

You should have done at least 3 of the above categories on a slow day. Believe me nothing will make you forget about that bad sales day like a group of sales in a row.

Hag in there and always be learning more about people and just be helpful to everyone.


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