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Gray Coveralls: Made to Last

Updated on June 13, 2011

Coveralls are worn by most people who are working in most industries. They are also worn by painters, auto mechanics, bus and truck drivers, law enforcers and the like. They thrive with the comfort and convenience that coveralls give to them in the everyday hurdle of work and leisure. Years ago these coveralls were worn by military personnel and have now evolved into the work apparel that we use at present. Most coveralls are in the shades of black, brown, gray, and olive. We look into particular the gray coveralls which are one color that most workers prefer when choosing their work garments.

Gray coveralls are designed for heavy duty work that is why it is built to last. The material is strong and durable. Coveralls are made from polyester and cotton twill blend with a PVA finish add-on feature. This works best in warmer weather conditions and dirty menial jobs. This PVA additional feature wicks body sweat which makes you more comfortable at work. This is opposed to the insulated coverall designs which are meant for colder weather.

Most gray coveralls have a bi-swing back feature for an extended range of motion; front and back pockets, and a 2-way front zipper. Other features include concealed snaps at the neck and waist for ease of access, hammer loop, and ruler pocket, among others. More so, this has a stain-release add-on feature which makes it easy to wash and withstand tough stains. These gray coveralls are available in other shades as well. Most colors would be black, green, navy blue, and orange. It is important to note that coveralls are measured according to chest size. The available sizes are from small to extra large; which fairly covers all body sizes and shapes. This also caters to a variety of lengths; such as the short, regular, and tall lengths.

This is how gray coveralls combine versatility with durability in a functional wear. This is the ultimate heavy duty work apparel custom-built for people who work hard. This is in answer to the demand for a coverall that can withstand any climactic conditions, rough stains, tough and dirty work, and still be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. This apparel can be worn by both men and women.

Work hard and play harder; as most people would say. Modern development in gray coveralls is an answer to the ardent demands and needs of most people who want to have a relaxed fit for a heavy duty work. Everybody needs a break, so-to-speak, so after a long day and work’s strenuous hurdle, take the time for some rest and recreation. Treat yourself every once in a while. Recharge and you will be ready the next day for work in your comfy and practical gray coveralls.


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