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Grow Your Money Online Without Spending A Dime

Updated on May 8, 2012

Work Smarter Instead Of Harder To Grow Your Money

Growing your money is something you may be thinking a lot about lately. The economy is making it less likely to find steady work. When times get tough, people have to do whatever it takes to make money. Using the Internet allows you to grow your money without having to work for it. All you have to do is be willing to have fun and watch your money grow as time goes by.

Create Quality Content To Get More Visibility

The easiest way to generate a passive income is to write online content. Anyone can get started regardless of their experience level. It is easier than ever to get published these days. However, you need to take measures to make sure you are producing quality work. Google is not going to like it if you are not giving the readers what they want.

Most sites will have ratings that determine the quality of your work. HubPages determines quality based on traffic and other numbers. A site like Helium will use member rankings to determine your standing. This means you don't want to do anything that would resemble spam. Human editors will delete any content that fits this measure.

You should also be familiar with other SEO tactics that can boost traffic to your work. Do-follow links are the reward to producing quality work. These links will help search engines find out where you are. It is important that you produce quality content with many links to different sources. In fact, you should link to your own work to build up even more link juice.

Keyword density is also important. Say your target phrase was grow your money. You should use this phrase about every 100 words or so to achieve maximum benefit from your keywords. Using Google keyword tools can help you out when you are looking to choose your keywords and phrases.

These page views will lead to revenue sharing potential. You can make hundreds of dollars each month alone. It isn't difficult to make 500 dollars a month or more. That money can then be put into a savings account that can accelerate your money growth.

Make Money From Your Blog Posts

You can set up an online business for free. For example, you could start a blogging business. All you do is write blogs for cash. For example, you could get paid by companies who want their product exposed to the market.

Another way to do this is to allow advertisers to place ads on your blog posts. This is a great way to generate passive income that you can control to some degree. Most ads will have something to do with the content you write about. You might even get lucky and draw readers who were just looking into new credit card offers. Some ads are run based on what your visitors are interested in.

You can even use your blog to promote your affiliate program. Post links all throughout your blog to attract more people to click on your affiliate link. There is no limit to how many companies you can promote at one time. However, you do have to disclose any relationship you have with a company if you write about that company in a blog post.

Successful bloggers are able to grow their money without having to put in too much time or effort. They don't have to spend a dime to grow their money. You can grow your money too just by following that simple path.

List Goods For Sale

You probably have tons of items gathering dust in your garage, attic or living room. Something valuable could be sitting right under your nose. Wouldn't you rather have 500 dollars as opposed to a dusty piece of junk? Bartering is also a way to acquire things you want in exchange for things you already have.

Listing your goods on Craigslist, eBay and other auction sites can work wonders for you. The Internet is a breeding ground for people who are looking for what you have for sale. Local buyers can also be found for your goods. Selling tutoring services, resume writing services and other consulting services is also possible.

The best part about listing your goods online is that it costs you nothing. Money raised through the sale of these goods can lead to larger investments down the line. In this way, you haven't spent any money while successfully growing your money in the future.

Always Reinvest Your Money

Never be happy with what you have. Always be on the lookout for ways to make even more money. Evaluate all investment opportunities as they come along. Putting your money back into the market will lead to higher rates of return overall. Investing 500 dollars gets you more money as opposed to investing 400 dollars.

Stocks, bonds, social lending sites and government bonds are all great places to put your money. These all create a passive income once you have put enough money in. Compounding interest will create a stream of wealth which can help you improve your financial picture.


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