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Growing Job Loss

Updated on July 1, 2012




If you have been hiding under a rock for the past year and a half, then you probably haven't heard that we are experiencing growing job loss. It's not just in the United States either. All over the world, countries are experiencing some seriously growing job loss.

It doesn't seem like it's going to let up anytime soon either. The supposed recovery that the politicians keep boasting about seems nonexistent.

It is no doubt depressing to not be able to find a job or to find one that pays sub par wages and even those are becoming scarce. More support from our government for our businesses is needed.

Coping with Job Loss Video

How Did We Get Here

How did we get to that point? There are many reasons, from globalization to government tinkering, but the truth of the matter is, part of it is that the business cycle requires it to happen. That's why they call it a cycle. When businesses contract, there is bound to be growing job loss.

The Government is Causing Many of the Problems

What can we do about it? If the government needs to meddle, then they should cut taxes. This will in the long run cause businesses to hire people. Raising taxes will choke off growth and will exacerbate the problem.

There is also the situation of the government fooling around with interest rates - which led to a flood of credit. This turn gave producers a false sense of demand and they produced too much. Now, you would think that if there is more product than demand, this would cause prices to head on down. And you'd be right if the government (or more specifically, the federal reserve), didn't flood the market with dollars. They were so afraid of the deflation that was caused by overproduction that the let the printing presses roll. This increased prices where prices should have decreased.

It's a Matter of Opinion, Right?

Perhaps you disagree with part or all of what I am writing about with regard to what caused us to be in this situation. That's okay. Because the real purpose of this article is to let you in on a secret where it doesn't matter if there is growing job loss. That because using the techniques of this secret, you won't even need a job. Nice, right?

So What is This Secret?

The growing job loss is a problem for many people but when you learn the secret that I am talking about that won't concern you at all. You will be able to make money no matter what economic condition exists. In fact, an economic downturn actually helps out with these techniques as you will see.

So what is this secret? Not so fast. I'll get to it in due time. But you may be thinking why would I want to give away this secret? The truth is, I am not worried about you competing . There are thousands and thousands of opportunities for you as well as for me with us hardly ever clashing. And if we happen to clash once in a while, it's easy to drop the campaign that you are running (or wait for me to do it in which case you will continue to make money).


There are no easy answers. I believe we are in this mess for a long time. Couple that with all the nonsense going on with Europe and you can see what a difficult mess we face.

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