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Guide To Become A Volunteer Firefighter

Updated on September 16, 2013

Looking to become a volunteer firefighter at your local Fire Station? Becoming a volunteer Firefighter shouldn't be taking lightly, since you'll be doing hundreds of hours of training to save the lives of others and put out harmful fires. You should be highly motivated to take on this specific job. People will be counting on you to be quick, solve problems, etc for this volunteer job. You can begin your search by contacting volunteer organizations online. There are many places who are need great need of volunteers. Most of the volunteer work you do can turn into a full time job. This is a risky job but someone has to do it. You'll be expected to lift up to 70 lbs, drag 180 lbs, while also squeezing through really tight spaces in your firefighter suit. The feeling of saving someone during a fire is one of the best moments ever and that person will always remember you for your courageous act.


Requirements To Become A Firefighter

Requirements for this sort of volunteer work include that you have been trained for several weeks and must be 18 or over. Most fire stations require that you have a high school diploma or GED, along with a valid driver's license from your state.

Finding Volunteer Work

The first thing you'll want to do is start contacting local firefighter agencies in your area. Some departments do not accept volunteers though, so you will have to look around. If you are open to traveling farther, you may increase your chance of becoming a volunteer firefighter. You could look through the phone book, but a better place to look go to is They have a wide directory of agencies and all their contact info.


Let Them Know Your Available

Once you find a place, give the fire station a friendly ring - just remember not to call on the emergency number! Ask to speak with the chief firefighter officer. Let him or her know that you would like to become a volunteer firefighter. They should point you in the right direction in becoming a volunteer firefighter. Make sure you have a pen handy so you can write down the steps needed to accomplish this.

Going Through The Screening Process

Even though you are only signing up for a volunteer position, they still require background checks. Most likely, you'll go through the screening process along with any qualifications you will need to enter into the fire station department.

Participating In The 110 NFPA Certified Course

Keep in mind that you will go through a 110 NFPA certified course when entering their training program. Most departments also have physical testing requirements. You may want to enter into some training programs before you actually apply to become a volunteer firefighter. That way you are more prepared.

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