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How to find a job you love

Updated on January 1, 2013

find a job you love

There are so many right and wrong things to do when trying to find a job you love. This is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life since you will spend most of your time at your job. Unhappiness in the workplace often follows you home, and effects your personal life tremendously. It is highly important to find a job that will challenge you and you will feel good about.

Research the field in which you are interested

In order to find a job you love, you must first look at your hobbies and interests and come up with a few canidates for new jobs. Research this job, and find out what a person in this position does on a daily basis.I come accross so many people who are so sure of the field they want to be in however when I ask them, why do want to do this type of work? They just draw a blank, or say well I like doing stuff like that. Often we go after careers that relate to hobbies that we have, only to find out that its a great hobby, but not such a great job.

Explain during your enterview that you don't want to find a job, you want to find a career.

Apply for the jobs you want, not what you think you are qualified for

I once interviewed for a job that I wanted, which I and my interviewer felt I was under qualified for. During the interview he asked about my lack of qualifications for the job, I answered "if I was qualified for this job i wouldn't be bettering myself by taking it.That one comment landed me that job which by the way I was great at. Why? Because it was what I enjoyed doing it.

If you think about that it makes very much sense. I see people all of the time leaving one company to do the exact same thing for another company. Why would you leave coke to the exact same job with pepsi. Sure you may get a $1000 per year raise, but really who cares? Now you have to start proving yourself all over again and take that much longer for a promotion. If you want to leave coke as a merchandiser, apply to pepsi for merchandising route manager.

Always look for a career, and always communicate this with the person whom you are seeking employment with. There are many jobs out there you are qualified for, but if you were happy with this line of work you wouldn't be seeking new employment. Many people make the mistake of ussuming they will never be hired for a job due to lack of experience. Never ussume anything when it comes to a decision as important as your career. Apply for the jobs you fell that you will enjoy doing, you will land interviews for some and others you will not.

Dress appropriatly during the interview!

During the job interview

During the interview you will be asked about your lack of experience. A simple answer is "I am looking to furthur my career if I had experience there wouldn't be any reason to apply" along with a simple rundown of your skills that will be useful when performing the duties of this job. Make sure to study the job requirments and duties and ask plenty of questions during the interview. Don't be afraid to ask about pay, and benefits (remember the interview is an opportunity for the employer and yourself to decide if you are right for the job).

Deciding on the job for you

Don't accept the first job that comes along. Schedule multiple job interviews so that you have plenty of options. The first successful job interview will help with your confidence, it is really important to show up confident. If you are offered a job on the spot (this is not a sign of a good employer) explain that you have other interviews scheduled and give him a date (within a couple of days) that you will call him back with your decision, this shows profesionilism. After you make your choice, call all prospective employers back and inform them of your decision. You never know if your choice will work out, and your interviewer will remember the simple respect of a call back.

Be careful of employers who wish to hire on the spot

Being offered a job during the interview is exciting, however not a guide sign. An employer should be scheduling multiple interviews just the same as you. Offering you a job on the spot shows a lack of profesionilism patience and orginization. Someone whe offers you a job on the spot is likely desperate to feel the spot, because they do not wish to pick up the work load of a open position. In other words they are lazy and this is not someone you want to be working for. They are likely consistantly filling spots because they are hiring any and everyone just to get a spot filled, and most of the people you are going to be working with are not going to be right for the job, which will cause you to pick up the slack.


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    • Lgali profile image


      10 years ago

      very good advice

    • Karen Wardle profile image

      Karen Wardle 

      10 years ago from Central Coast New South Wales Australia

      Thanks for the advice! I have just left the line of work that I have been doing for a little over 20 years. I know have some idea of what I do want to do and I am definately clear on what I don't want. Which is I do NOT want to go back to what I have been doing just because it is easy for me to find work in that field.

      Your tips are great and it makes me even more determined now not to fall back into what is easy. As you say it leads to boredom and frustration that we sometimes bring home with us and my family do not deserve it.



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