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Guide to Win Auctions on eBay - Perfect Handbook for Beginners

Updated on February 2, 2013

Basics about eBay Auctions

eBay has over 14 million active users. To win an auction is extremely hard but it is possible, follow my guide to become the odds among those 14 million buyers.

Different people have different interests, but they all have one common habit: They will bid the item at the last second, because they will know that they are the winner. However I have a few special methods that can help you to beat this method and become the odd.

When you see something that you are interested in bidding, place it in your watch list. It will help you and is the first step to lead you to 'victory'.


Golden Rule!

Always bid for more than one item of the same type, because I can guarantee that at least one of your bids will be outbid by someone unless you made a crazy bid like $1000 for a pack of peanuts or similar.

Don't bid for items that have durations of 1 day or longer, put it in your watch list. This is because eBay puts the item with latest action (bid) on the first page. You don't want the others to see such a great deal and steal your bid, right?


Auto Auction Sniper... POOF...

One of the methods I think is quite easy to use is some online auction snipers. They watch the bid you're interested and place the bid (within your budget) at the last second. Not a lot of people know this method and most of them watch the bid manually which they can never (sometimes maybe...) beat the bots :) However the down side of using auction snipers is that you have to pay them a commission (a % they've set for each auction that you've won using their service).

I personally think that this is a really good tool, and it worth paying a small fee for cheap deals. Some sits guarantee somewhere between 80-99% must win percentage or something.


This might sounds a little bit crazy and you probably won't do it, but this is a very effective way of winning bids easily! Forcing is when you place a bid where no one are willing to place it higher than you (for example item A costs £10, but you set your maximum bid to £200 and actually win the item at £11). However if someone offer a higher bid than you then you may lose the item.

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