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Gulfport, Mississippi for Tourism and Aerospace Business

Updated on December 12, 2016
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Ms. Inglish is an award-winning Employment & Training pro with regional records and tens of thousands placed into gainful employment.


Sciences and Shipbuilding Prosper

Down the Mississippi River

Palaemon barge carrying Saturn IV S-IB to a NASA facility.
Palaemon barge carrying Saturn IV S-IB to a NASA facility. | Source

Harrison, Stone, and Hancock Counties

Harrison County is in the part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast called the Gulfport-Biloxi MSA, a combined Metro Area.

The area was fortunate to have local elected officials who began an initiative to diversify industry in the Gulf Coast Region during Hurricane Katrina Recovery. The results have strengthened the Gulf Coast of America overall in terms of increasing economies and emerging jobs. The local officials joined with planners, funding sources, and community based organizations in order to target five industries for growth that include:

  1. Shipbuilding,
  2. Geospatial Industries,
  3. Aerospace Industries,
  4. Advanced Materials ("Smart" Materials), and
  5. Marine Science.


Tourism was another industry sector considered and targeted, the elected officials finding that for each job created in the Tourism Industry, five additional indirectly related jobs were also formed. For every $1.00 spent in tourism, $5 were spent in the related industries.

In addition, aging American residents with disposable income have begun staying in the area on vacations for an increased number of days per year. And while overall travel through Gulfport-Bilox has steadily increased, a full 60% of this travel has been for business purposes, indicating additional economic and business strength and potential growth.

Finally, Construction and Related industries began to growth during the Katrina Recovery Program. Healthcare and Medical careers were in high demand before Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and became more highly in demand afterward. Harrison County elected officials chose as their Slogans:

We have it all—the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Relax - It's the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Gulf Coast Business Council offers ways of connecting private and public entities for cooperation in Education & Training as well as creating new jobs. This has increased enrollments in local post-secondary institutions.


The Mississippi Space Grant Consortium Grants

These are grants for developing aviation and aerospace jobs in Southern Mississippi include:

  • Tom Strange, University of Southern Mississippi: Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co, Stennis Space Center
  • David Ford, University of Southern Mississippi: Radiance, Inc., Stennis Space Center
  • Debra Matthews, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Faculty: Stennis Space Center

Stennis Space Center

A markerStennis Space Center -
John C. Stennis Space Center, MS, USA
get directions

Education, Training & Employment in Targeted Growth Industries

Major Employers Frequently Advertising Jobs

  1. Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa John's
  2. McDonald's Franchisee Opportunities, plus crew and managers
  3. Checkers
  4. Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree
  6. NPC International: Truck Driving Careers
  7. Winn-Dixie Pharmacy
  8. Clark Oil Company, Inc.
  9. Burger King
  10. Memorial Hospital at Gulfport
  11. Vencor, Lockheed Martin: Engineering and Aerospace jobs

The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Map made by Keeler Air Force Base, public domain.
Map made by Keeler Air Force Base, public domain.

Healthcare and Medical Practitioners

Top 10 Healthcare Jobs through 2100 AD

Healthcare and Medical Practitioners comprise a high demand occupational field that is growing by nearly 30% overall through 2014, probably to surge even higher through 2050 and beyond.

With the Millennial Generation (born from about 1980 - 2000) being nearly as large as the Baby Boomers, health professionals will be in high demand until at least 2100 AD.

The fastest growing occupations in this category are:

  1. General Pediatricians (50% growth)
  2. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  3. Veterinary Technicians
  4. Dental Hygienists
  5. Pharmacy Technicians
  6. Pharmacists
  7. Medical Records and Information Technicians
  8. Physical Therapists
  9. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  10. Surgeons (nearly 30% growth)

Pharmacy technicians, dental hygienists, and LPNs require shorter periods of training that the other occupations, and an RN need not be a BS or BA, but a shorter term program in a hospital where one works and can receive tuition reimbursement as well. Medical records tech have a range of educational levels as well.

Tourism and Related Businesses

Hospitality and Tourism

The Top 15-25 Jobs in this area's Hospitality and Tourism Industry through at least 2025 include the following seven major categories:

  • Cashiers -Dining and retail.
  • Restaurant Managers -All levels, more numerous in Biloxi part the metro area than the Gulport sector.
  • Waitstaff - waiters and waitress in casual to fine dining facilities.
  • Food Preparation - Hotels, cruise & excursion ships, and restaurants from fast food and pizza shops, to fine dining.
  • Tavern and Bar Staff
  • Hosts and Cashiers, Attendants, Surveillance, First Responders
  • Hotel Staff - Seasonal and permanent room attendants, security, managers, concierges, and others.

Medical Tourism

Not only do medical and health professionals benefit from becoming Travelers in their occupations, but tourists also travel in order to undergo medical procedures, combining their treatment with vacations.

This treatment can be as varied as cosmetic surgery to substance rehabilitation to organ transplant surgery and other procedures. Medical Tourism boosts both Healthcare/Medical and Hospitality/Tourism to grow this MSA's economy.

Everything Is Awesome!

NASA - First LEGO League state championship, December 2006 at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
NASA - First LEGO League state championship, December 2006 at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College | Source

Universities and Career Colleges

Colleges and Universities

Vocational Schools

Southern Mississippi Supports Native American Businesses

Mississippi Pow Wow

Native American Businesses in Southern Mississippi

  • Biloxi Nation. The name of a Gulf Cost city,the original name for themselves in Biloxi indigenous language is Taneks-anya or first people. It was called by other language speakers, Anaxis and Annocchy and gradually was mispronounced into Biloxi. They are related to the great Sioux Nation that was forced back to the American West after having migrated from the West Coast thousands of years ago.
  • Capinans Nation. These people are related to the Biloxi Nation and to the Pascagoula Nation, both also relatives of the Sioux.
  • Moctobi Nation. This name has been used by English speakers since 1699 for a group or nation living around or even with the Biloxi Nation and the Pascagoula Nation. They are likely also descendants of the Sioux that were moved westward on a forced march.
  • Pascagoula Nation. Also the name of a city in this MSA on the Gulf Coast, the name means bread people and so, must relate to their making of specialty breads that are available at Pow Wow along with native cook books of high quality.They are also known as the Mfskigula, a Biloxi Indian name. Likely are Muskhogeans closely related to the Siouan Biloxi.

Native Americans in Southern Mississippi have helped to improve and grow the local economy with Native-owned businesses, Pow Wows that add considerably to Hospitality and Tourism, partnerships with university study and research programs, and new business development post-Katrina.

Area Interest: Pyramids on the Mississippi River

© 2008 Patty Inglish


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    Patty Inglish 9 years ago from USA. Member of Asgardia, the first space nation, since October 2016

    Not only that, but each region is full of its own dialects of the English language, growing numbers of non-English languages that we can begin to learn, and even regional etiquette. We also have in some many cities the sections known as Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Thailand, Little Cuba, Koreatown, Little Somalia, and many others that are interesting. It is good to read about a region, state, or even a city before travelling there.

    The Democratic Primary race has been interesting, because people are wondering aloud - "Why did that state vote for Obama" or "How did Hillary manage to get so many vots in THAT state?"

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    Dear Patty, by carefully observing your hubs one could quite easily conclude how very large is that great country of USA. Even though, USA is united by federal government it seems that every particular region or city has its own local characteristics.