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H O S U R means New City.

Updated on October 4, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Untold Story of Hosur.

Bangalore is growing in all directions and has crossed its boundary long back yet going up vertically is still on as more and more people are selling there property at the price they want.This has made builders purchase even a small plot of 30 feet by 40 feet to have three floors and they are built with out any regard to problems to environmental hazards that come up for those who stay at such places.The problem is more advanced with local govt allowing reserved areas for other public use and private needs of people who use the roads.There are many places that are allowed to use footpaths as storage areas by big and small shop keepers.Walking on the road meant for two and four wheelers in residential areas is no more safe as it used to be 25 years back.The pensioners are also growing in this city known to all as ' Pensioners Paradise ' which is now ' Pensioners Peril ' as no body is safe walking on the road since foot paths are used by every one like its there own property.They even park their cars and motor cycles besides commercial vehicles also taking maximum space on the foot paths.Traffic police say its municipality who have to take action.You complain to municipality they will come and clear the area but the next day its the same story.Where is New City?.

The untold story of Hosur meaning New City was told by a temple priest in one of the old temple in Hosur.He said 136 years ago few Brahmin community people discussed as to why they should not have their own land.A decision was taken among them to move away from their place Bangalore.Around 50 family's packed their belongings and started moving towards south and when they saw a land so fertile with trees and plants with a hill and a temple over the hill they stopped near a old Lord Shiva temple and constructed their homes and those who worshiped lord Shiva were on one side and the others who worshiped Lord Sri.Rama tayed on the other side leaving a wide space for a road.There was no temple for SriRama.As time went on people who worshiped Sri.Rama requested few people who worshiped Lord.Shiva.The worshipers of Lord.Shiva had no objection and inside the Lord Shiva temple they installed idoles Sri.Rama,Sri.Sita and Sri.Laxman which was worshiped by both.Things were comfortable but the place had no name.All the people were from Mysore and they were speaking kannada so they kept the name HOSA URU which means HOSA is NEW and URU means Town.As British occupied India they pronounced any name in their style and the place was thus Hosur.

Why Hosur is neglected by Tamil Nadu Govt.

Hosur has been contributing highest revenue and in fact it is the only Town in Tamil Nadu which earns so much revenue because of the fact it has the highest number of micro,macro,medium,large,big and very big industries. This has happened on account of proximity of Bangalore and highly skilled and experts qualified in all branches of science,technology,engineering and management of every industry and commerce are available just with in 20 kilometers from Hosur.The neglect of its development is just political and party squib-lings of major political party of the state.3 times elected congress MLA of this unfortunate Town has grown but not Hosur.Water is available in plenty but is not available for the residents and water tanks supply any quantity of water to any part at any time.Truly it can be understood that the nexus with the concerned govt and water supplier has yet no one says anything because nothing can be done by saying anything.Roads are at the mercy of its keepers who go in their big cars with colored windows so no one can see who goes.More than a dozen very big and big lakes which can beautify the Town are full of weeds to fall in to land grabbers.The DMK which neglected to spend any money on this Town home to 3 big Gods is gone.New party ADMK has entered and the new Chief Minister is very busy in finding out who made money and how much land was illegally purchased and other matters and is yet to invite any FDI to the state in any district.

So what goes on will go on till next elections and the politicians loot the resources any where all the time.However there are good politicians among bad politicians but the problem with good politicians is they do not know how to manage a state let alone a country as big as India which has a population over over 120 million.The advantage India has it has all the resources and a market for any product that is made in this country.No one buys a bulb which is not made in India but made for India.

Hosur & Mysore.

Directive a relief to staff who’ve been out of work since 2002

The High Court on Thursday provided a ray of hope to employees of Mysore Lamp Works Ltd., the public sector undertaking that has been shut since 2002, directing the State government to float a global tender to revive the company.

The court observed that the State government had shown synergy in reviving the company, to benefit employees who are presently without any work. “It is appropriate to direct the State government to float a global tender inviting bids for revival of lamp industry, though in the form of manufacture of light emitting diodes (LED), which will be useful not only to the private sector but also to the public sector,” it said.

In his order, Justice Ram Mohan Reddy said the State government was at liberty to impose such conditions as it may think fit while inviting tenders.

On January 4, 2002, the government had issued order for closing the company. At that time, around 1,600 workmen were on its rolls. Now, there are around 100 employees on the company’s rolls.

The closure order was the result of recommendations made by the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) and Appellate Authority for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (AAIFR), given that the company had incurred loss of nearly Rs. 90 crore from 1993 to 2002.

However, Mysore Lamp Staff and Employees’ Union challenged the closure order before the Karnataka High Court in a writ petition, which was allowed by a single judge ruling on January 14, 2012, by setting aside the closure order.

The High Court had remanded the issue of closure back to the government for fresh consideration after hearing the views of the employees. The court had found that the government heard neither the employees nor the union prior to issuing the closure order. The judge did not go into the merits of the recommendations as BIFR had referred the matter to the company court for initiating the winding up process.

However, the State government had filed an appeal against this order before a Division Bench and the appeal is still pending.

Meanwhile, the High Court, on its company court jurisdiction, was hearing the case referred from BIFR. The government has also proposed to launch a technology park project on 22 acres of land held by the company.This will have a residential apartment costing not less than Rs.3,000,00,000 for a 3 BHK who will build it and who makes the profit.

The Govt of India is making smart city's which of course will go to any builders why did BIFR declare this unit for closure was there no private party to start this company with the machines that were there shifting it to Hosur.

The year 2013 - 2014 was a scam year and there were scams everywhere but this scam was never given to media persons.All the political party's are waiting but not to start some project in the country to give jobs to the youth but make money by selling land belonging to the govt in any place anywhere in the builders who are pocketing the politicians to do the dirty work.We can make a satellite in Bangalore,Jet Fighters in Bangalore,Military equipment in Bangalore and make Bangalore global first in IT,BT and Biocon but Bangalore cannot make a bulb like Tamil Nadu which cannot keep its beautiful Lakes which are waiting to go under the land developers who have crossed the state border and have sold over 1000 acres of land belonging to farmers of tamil nadu to white color workers of Bangalore.

Smart City.

The Govt of Tamil Nadu must take the opportunity of the new govt at the center to insist that Hosur which is on the border of a international city but far away from its capitol must be converted to a smart city which will have a cluster of light and heavy industry making only electrical,solar and other green energy making equipments that are the immediate needs of the country.Today the electrical market is disorganized and has no standards or quality in manufacture of home requirements and those who make them are not under any control.If you go to any shop on the road side they all sell imitations of brands or their own brands resulting in fires due to short circuits as we see almost on a regular basis.Tamil Nadu is under the management of a popular govt but they are all controlled by their few important leaders.are a law un to themselves in few areas.

Hosur means New City we now need a Smart City but with New Smart honest politicians and more so the govt employees.

This is Hosur.

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    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Thanks for sharing with us an untold story of Hosur. I hope all the problems get sorted out as soon as possible.


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