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Updated on August 28, 2013

Boss Ryan


“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." (Harvard Business School definition of leadership)”

Sir Ryan is about to leave. He has only one week to stay with us. I'm not sure where he is going but I'm sure he is on his step of fulfilling his dreams in life and following his aspirations.

The day we first met him, I'm not aware that he has high position in the project. I thought he was just one of us because of his looks - simple, young-looking and good-looking man. But as the time passed, we realized that he is our Operations Manager. Even with that position, he acted like just one of us. Part of the team who worked harder to improve the project and helped us solved all the problems encountered.

Then, he became the Unit Lead of five teams in the project. He became busier. Less time for us and less pizza treat but sometimes with 'pandesal' treat. But when it comes to his multitask job, he done well. Managing five teams was never a hard thing for him because he knows how to handle people, how to lead without strict rules but getting the respect he deserves.

Time for Change and Acceptance

I found out he is leaving just last week, two weeks before he finally leave. I heard him saying, we'll make noise if we found out. Even with the short period of time, he gets to know us, the ARTISTAS. The noise means noise of sadness, of no, no that he is leaving. But who are we to hold him to stay with us? We are just members of his leadership that was inspired by him and learned from him.

I heard he may cry that's why he is not formally bidding goodbye to us. What more with us, Sir? It is really hard to say goodbye to a person who became part of your everyday life. The person that you expect will see your professional growth and will first congratulate you when your promotion comes.

But as the famous saying says, "The only constant thing in this world is CHANGE." Which I think will make you keep going. Change for the better, for fulfillment of your dreams and for your happiness. We accept this change but, whatever acceptance we do, we are really affected because as what this word means, we will never be the same like we were with you before.

Thanks for the Inspiration

We are so proud of having you, Sir Ryan as part of our professional life. I know you can go farther than where you are and achieve more than what you accomplish now. We will never forget you. We are not saying goodbye as you will always be part of daily endeavor at work and continue to be an inspiration as we take every step towards our goal. Thank you for taking care of us and goodluck.

Rihanna - Farewell


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    • profile image

      JP 5 years ago

      Boss Ryan,

      Nais ko pong ipabatid sa inyo ang aking lubos na galak.Bagaman kayo po'y lilisan sa aming paningin, mananatili po kayong kaagapay sa bawat gabing lumbay na naalala namin ang iyong presensiya pagpasok namin sa opisina. Nabatid po namin ang iyong mapagpantay na pamamahala sa loob ng iyong nasasakupan...Hindi ko kailanman nasulyaan ang isang lider na pinagmalaki ang kanyang kasalukuyang posisyon bagkus nakita ko ang isang taong payak, isang mabuting kaibigan, isang taong masipag at may dedikasyon sa trabaho, isang tao na sa gitna ng kabisihan sa trabaho nagawa pang ngumiti at magbitaw ng pahapyaw na kasiyahan..

      Bagaman kami ay nalulungkot, SALAMAT sa mga kaugaliang naipamalas mo sa amin. Salamat sa at pinayagan mo kaming maging bahagi ng iyong buhay sa accenture...salamat sa bawat piraso ng pandesal...SALAMAT BOSS RYAN!!!!

    • profile image

      pretty_zhel 5 years ago

      OM Boss gonna miss you much... hope you don't have to leave us but you need to... harsh... but well this is just the start of your journey in your life.. hehehe tkae care boss and good luck... we love you...

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