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How to Become A Proofreader?

Updated on March 17, 2015

Proofreading job involves checking documents, articles, manuscripts, typescripts and so on for spelling, grammatical and factual errors. Every proofreader essentially needs a special eye for imperfection that may be found in any form of writing. These days millions of webs in the Internet need to be free from errors to get impressed visitors. So, the demand for online proofreaders is steadily increasing year by year. Proofreading can be a decent and legitimate way of making some money if we find extra time in our daily life.

Requirements to Become A Successful Proofreader

To succeed in this profession you need to develop a special interest on error free writing and working with words. You must have the sound knowledge and command over the particular language which you have engaged in this job. You also need to learn editing to rearrange the copy so that it reads well and fits the publisher's taste. Copy editing is unavoidable with proofreading which only can complete the process of work. The other important thing here is 'technicalities'. These are nothing but some symbols and marks which denote what corrections have to be made on the particular part of writing.

To compete with other online proofreaders we have to deliver our works in time. Speed and Perfection are two important things needed by a successful proofreader. By providing consistently good quality of work, a proofreader might be able to generate steady income from his usual clients. It is nature that a satisfied client would recommend you to others if you showed your skill and perfection in the job. If you have the sufficient number of clients, then you can turn out this as your full time job.

You can also join many forums in the Internet where the clients and proofreaders can join and bid for assignments and prices. One of the most important requirements for this job is peaceful location. As it involves finding errors, there is no need to say that you should be free from distraction and other noises. A comfortable chair enables you to work for hours. These are the basic requirements to maintain good quality of your work in this job.

How can One Get Training for Proofreading?

We can often find some online proofreading courses that charge to join in. But, it is better to think twice before joining such courses. If you are really interested and ready to spend money anywhere from 300$ to 400$, you can check out the following sites.

International Correspondence Schools is one among them and it has a distance course called 'Professional Proofreader'. In fact you don't need any special qualification and experiences to join in this course. But you need to have completed any one of the graduations. You can do the course successfully if you are confident with your language skill and have deep concentration to work with. As an International Correspondence School's student, you will have your personal tutor for the complete course. You can also clear all of your doubts which arise in the course by contacting Student Advisors through email and even you can phone them to learn every thing you want to know. You will also have an access to the ICS online community where you interact with other students. To learn more visit here.

The Publishing Training Centre is the other site which provides an online course for proofreading. The course enables you to learn all the areas of proofreading including spotting, spelling and grammatical errors and how to use proofreading marks and symbols.

In India you will get a Management course in proofreading from the Institute of Book Publishing in Green Park of New Delhi. The program has a period of internship also.

Newzealand Institute of Business students-Book Editing is also provided with proofreading courses. You will get instantly the prospectus of course by signing up here.

You can also learn this subject at no cost visiting libraries where you can find large number of books related with this subject. The other desirable way of learning is to purchase proofreading books from stores. You can reduce the cost of learning by this way as you can learn as many things as you can learn from the courses. Moreover the course certificate is just an additional thing to satisfy and attract your client. If you are confident about your skill, you can prove your talent by delivering your works at zero errors. You can also learn these things simply from worksheets available online. These things can be certainly useful for proofreaders who are new to this industry.

Worksheets for Proofreading

These are the things used to make work easy by the proofreaders. These tools are helpul to teach a person how to spot mistakes in the copy. These are similar to the things which we met in our school days to learn reading and writing. Worksheets are playing a very important role to get thorough experience in the proofreading course. We can find out many sites online containing worksheets with answers. These will be useful for having excellent spelling, grammar and writing skills. You can click on the following links to get some worksheets for proofreading.

Where can one get Proofreading Jobs?

There are many sites in the Internet to search for Proofreading jobs. Some of them are

In some of the sites you will be able to open your account to save your searched jobs. Once you have saved a job you may need to click on the 'add notes' link to add notes and tags to the job.

Besides these you can also directly submit your resumes for getting proofreading jobs in the following sites.

As a successful proofreader, with increasing demand year by year, one can earn appreciable income throughout the life. You can either charge by page or hour. It is believed that a professional proofreader can make $10 to $15 an hour.


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    I'm currently working as a part time freelance audio/video

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