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Updated on February 9, 2016


traffic traffic traffic


facebook is a social network platform where millions of people meet to share ideas and mostly catch fun. it is the 6th most visited website on the planet earth with a number of 70 million users. it is also researched that out of this 7o million users around the globe,30 million users sign in everyday.


the first step to make is to log into the facebook website.if you already have an account with facebook,you can skip this part,but if you don't, you have to keep on with this step


within this process, you would have to set up your profile by tellig people who you are, what you do. you have to make your profile a little interesting for other users who finds an interest in your you read on, you will learn how to twinkle your profile to make people visit your profile.


after finishing to set up your profile, now you can start posting message on your wall and also start scouting for friends. since facebook is a social network community, so many have joined for different purpose. if you have joined facebook for the purpose of searching for love, you have to search for those people that matches with your profile.


facebook group work just like other social group member interaction.they are easy to create once logged into your facebook account.

first log into your facebook account,then look for the ''create a group'' button,it is directly under application setting, and once you have clicked ''create a group'' button, you then come to a page that helps to set your group.

THE GROUP NAME: insert a desired name into this tap.let it be a group name.a name that could be easily remembered and interesting. e.g bloggers zone etc...

GROUP DESCRIPTION: this describe what your group does. following this example, bloggers zone, this will tell a description of what your group does.that is,it concentrates on bloggers.anybody that is not a blogger does not have to join. so therefore,make a good description of your group name. other fields are also there to fill up. you insert the required information there, after all this is done, click on ''create group''.


you need to be creative with your group. as soon as the group is created, the next plan to carry out is to think of how you can use this group to your advantage. remember you own the .you control the group. you serve as the admin to the group. dont forget facebook has over 70 million users and 30 million active users in a day. what you have to do to start earning your cool cash is to start inviting people to your group. search for your target market, make a profile search. if you can hit 1 million confirmed friends, if can helpvthem solve their problems by providing them with goods and services, you will continue to make money on facebook till you are tired. what you have to do is to display a link of your website, blog or report that will direct them to your good or services.this strategy worked for me


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