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How to Get Video Game Tester Job Online?

Updated on March 5, 2013

These days video and online games have become good entertainment. They are $60 billion business a year. Every year the business has a considerable growth with the great demand of games. With the increased number of game lovers many new games are being released by various companies each week to meet the competition. The game programmers of each company need the help of video game testers to improve the quality of their new games.

Video Game testers are the persons wanted by the game programmers to analyze whether their games are working properly or not. Game testers will suggest programmers the changes that can be made on every game to make it somewhat better. It is understood from the surveys that an average game tester is earning $50 K every year. But, the game testers should have enough experience and sound knowledge and know the decent, intelligent way of expressing their ideas on a particular game. The programmers are really in the need of successful completion of their games which would be in the beta form. It's also necessary for the programmers to get feedback and ideas from the mass of game testers to run their business successfully.

The Work of Video Game Tester

The standard procedure is that the video game tester is mailed the unreleased video games with an enclosed survey sheet . A game tester might be asked to play on the specific area of the game to find bugs or glitches that the programmers suspect is there. The game tester has to play that part until the glitch is fixed. The video game tester has to play entire game and send opinions. After receiving the survey or feedback the gaming company will mail the video game tester a check. The testers are also judging the marketability of a particular product by giving feed back to the programmers.

Where to Get Video Game Tester Job

We can find many major gaming sites and job offering sites to get these dream jobs. A lot of opportunities over there as every month there are many new gaming platforms in the web world. Major gaming companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo require keen and motivated game testers for their unreleased games.

Below is the list of major gaming sites offering video game tester job whenever they release their new games in beta forms.

We can also find the game testing jobs by searching on major job offer sites such as

Some tips to get dream job of game tester

  • Joining the game sites will be helpful to get news letters informing about the opportunities to get game testing job.
  • Search for the forums with in the game sites is the smart way to get friendship with many game testers who may be already working in the sites. If you are lucky to get a friend working as game tester, you can easily get an idea about the job.
  • Joining the sites like,,, will be helpful to find out new game testing job offers.
  • Searching on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Msn will help a lot. You can use the key words such as Nintendo game testing job, xbox game testing job, microsoft game testing job and etc.,
  • Every game site may have a career section where you can find job offers and you can try them by sending your resumes.
  • It is better to think twice before joining membership sites asking for money as most of them may be scam.


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