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Online Income Review - How to improve your approval rate on GPT sites

Updated on January 20, 2010
Now, I am not going to tell you that you are going to get rich but you can make a good income. You won't have to spend a dime but at the beginning you will be putting in a lot of time but, it will pay off once you get a rhythm going.

When you first start doing these offers you may want to stick with all the 100% free offers and zip code and email submit until you get more use to doing the offers.

This information at first will be overwhelming but just take it a step at a time and once you get it all together you will be amazed at how easy it is to make money.

GPT "Get Paid To" sites are a great way to make legit. money online at absolutely no cost to you.  It is not a get quick scheme, it requires time and dedication but can pay off big once you get your rhythm down.   Please read entire page, although it may seem overwhelming at first just take it one step at a time and you will be amazed at how quickly you will begin making money.  

1. The most important thing is to make sure you use your "real" information.. name, address and phone number. Now I don't use my home phone number. I use (and you can too) they offer free voice mail service. You get emails to let you know if someone has called. So, I use that number and if I am interested in the offers I go there and check my voice mail. That way you won't receive calls when you are in the middle of something. Now there are a few offers that won't accept the number if it does not match up with you mailing area address. So then you have to decide if you want to put out your home number or not. I, myself will usually skip the offer. Another thing is you should download Roboform. This program fills out your Name, Address, Phone # etc. all with one click of the button, so much faster than doing it manually.

2. Only complete an offer once or you won't get credited and you don't want to waste your time.

3. Always finish through the survey to the final page. Also make sure that the pages completely loads before moving on to the next offer. You don't want to go through the offers to fast or they won't credit.

4. On the yes/no pages you can hold down the "Alt" key and hit the "-" key will mark "NO" this really saves a lot of time. But once you do that wait a few seconds before moving on to the next page.

5. Also when you get to the pages where you have to submit or skip (button at bottom of page) it is quicker to get to if once the page loads you hit either "page down" or "end". It is a lot quicker than scrolling down to the bottom.

6. On the final page of the offers you usually have silver, gold and platinum pages and it says you have to do so many of the offers and accept them. You do not have to do that. Go ahead and click on the offers (how ever many the page says you have to do usually 2). Let the page load (I usually will go ahead and open what they ask, usually 2 real quick) then click next to go to the gold, click 2 there and go on to platinum and click on 2 there. then I start closing each ad in the same order I opened them in because by now they have been open for the required 30 seconds already.

7. Check your e-mail for confirmation/activation e-mails. Not all, but many companies send a confirmation/activation e-mail that they expect you to click in order to receive credit. After having clicked the confirmation/activation link (if one is available), then you can go to the offer, enter that specific e-mail and Mark it As Pending. I leave the email address I am using open in another window or in another tab so I can check it regularly.

8. Now once you get use to doing the free offers you can move on to the trial and credit card offers if you like. Now this is where you can make a lot more money. Companies offer a lot of trials and such and they pay a lot more money. The only thing is if you decide to try any of these, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Also make sure that you keep track of the cancellation policy and keep a record of how and when to cancel. Also, any phone numbers or other info. involved in canceling the trial offers. Some of these offers ask for small Shipping and Handling fee and things like that but the payout for the offers are much higher than what you have to pay out.

If you prefer not to use your actual credit or bank card you can get prepaid cards but some sponsors do not like prepaid cards. So you can get a debit card through Paypal and use it for your credit card. That is how I have always done it. The one thing about the free offers some don't pay a lot but once you get into a rhythm the offers go so fast you can do several in a short period of time. I just did these for a long time until I was comfortable with the idea of doing the trial offers. Now most of the offers I do are the trial and credit card offers. I just keep track of the cancellation information. So far so good I have not had any issues with them.


Accepting Cookies: This is very important. Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer by the websites that you visit. They follow what you do on those websites, and in this case, report back to the advertiser's server when you have completed an offer. So if your computer does not allow cookies to function, the advertiser does not know when you have completed the offer. The first thing you should do is check the privacy settings in Internet Explorer. To do this, in IE go to Tools ---> Internet Options ---> Delete ---> Delete cookies. In Firefox, go to Tools ---> Options ---> Cookies ---> Clear Cookies For Firefox, select Tools ---> Options ---> Privacy ---> Cookies, then check "Allow sites to set Cookies"

Now this is my least favorite part of doing offers but it works. Use different valid e-mail addresses. Some companies don't credit for more than 1 of their offers unless you have used a different e-mail address for each of their offers/surveys. You can use the same e-mail if you're doing offers from several different companies, but if you do more than 1 from a specific company, it is good to use different e-mails. You can go to Yahoo mail and hotmail and have several email accounts I change my email daily for the offers, some people do it every couple of days. You will have to determine what works best for you.

Now you can use the same email address for the GPT sites so that any updates or news come to the same place. But like I said make sure you use different email address for the offers themselves. Once you have checked the email for a couple days (to make sure you check for confirmation emails) you will no longer need the email so you can delete them or leave them out there in cyberspace.

If you don't have one already, you will want to open a Pay Pal account to receive your money. Some sites will send you a check but most will use pay pal. I have used pay pal for years and it is the fastest and safest way to receive your cash. Go to:


Like, I said previously you can make money with GPT sites but to really maximize your earnings and to make the money come in much faster you can start a referral program.

Go into referral section of the GPT sites you have signed up with and get a free referral banner or link. Because this link or banner will be your own unique ID. When someone clicks on it to sign up for the GPT site they go directly under you. You make a percentage off of their work. Some sites also have a referral bonus. Once they are signed up you will keep making money as long as they keep doing surveys and completing offers.
Anyway, what you need to do is start your own page (lots of free ones out there). Just do a search for free website templates (they are easy to build)

Put these banners and/or links on a web page. You can even write a small review of the site under each banner. So, people that go to your site can see what your personal outlook on the site is.

Then you can advertise your site. Write small articles about doing GPT sites with your website link in the article or in your signature.

Go to free advertising sites and put ads up so people can read about how you are making money.

You can also pay for a web page and advertising and get it out there faster but it is not required. With the way our economy is people are looking for a way to make extra money without being scammed and having to put money out there. I have tried so many things on the Internet and have been scammed and lost money (that I could not afford to lose) and I am telling you this is the most profitable program I have found and you really don't have to put any money into it and still make money.

Of course to do this it will take some time and some work but it will pay off in the long run. You will get out of it what you put into it.

Also I wanted to add that you should update your people that sign up under with emails, (most sites give you this option) to let them know what offers have crediting fast for you early each month so that they will know which offers to work on first.  Remember the more they make the more you make and besides they will appreciate you keeping in touch with them and they will be more motivated to get those offers done.

This really is a great way to start your own online business and as I said it can be done absolutely free!!  It does take a lot of time at first but once it gets going you can make a very good income.  Any business you start takes a lot of work to get it going.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I just love - they have instant PayPal payouts - I can cash out as much as I want and as little as 10 cents. All I gotta do is keep an eye on their daily jackpot and cross my fingers to win! I can even purchase rewards and click on ads or play games and all of these fun activities bring me lots of points I can then swap to cash.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Basically there are many gpt/ptc sites that claim that they pay but truly speaking i have wasted a lot of time on internet finding places where i can earn few money easily but man truly speaking its all making money for them.

      finally on 21 oct'2010 i tried luck on some gpt site which a friend of mine told me about and bingo this was the site where i made my first 1$ online in only 2 days of doing small free offers + playing games etc .

      the site was prizelive .

      if you have gave up on internet ptc/gpt money making try this site for the last time i guarantee u wont regret (100% free) : sites below (with my referal sign up) JOIN NOW :-

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      one of the best gpt sites i found is also i use witch is another get paid to site.


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