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Habitual Buying Behavior & What It Means For Your Business

Updated on October 4, 2015
Habitual buying behavior is one part of how consumers behave
Habitual buying behavior is one part of how consumers behave

What is Habitual Buying Behavior?

This is a type of consumer buyer behavior that is less significant than complex buying behavior. In this type of buying behavior the consumer has access to a wide choice of products that satisfy the same need and don’t have much significant differences.

When the buyer goes to the point of purchase he very well knows the type of product brand he needs and he would therefore make a choice without much thought and considerations.

In layman’s language a habit is something that is continuously repeated over a certain period of time and this is exactly what is being witnessed when it comes to habitual buying behavior. Since the products in question have no major differences the buyer will stick to the one he/she has been using for some time. He goes for the product that is known to him and that is very clear for him its positive part as well as its shortcomings.

Features of Products Associated with Habitual Buying Behavior

  • The products are uniform in nature i.e they display less significant differences.
  • They are cheap and often have no risk in them.
  • They are purchased often i.e. every now and then.

Example of Products Which Show Habitual Buying Behavior

  • Bread and margarine
  • Tea leaves and sugar.
  • Milk


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