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Handling Difficult Bosses - Heart Truth

Updated on March 7, 2015
Dealing with a difficult boss is not easy but can be done!
Dealing with a difficult boss is not easy but can be done! | Source

Different People Handle Situations Differently

Isn't it frustrating when your boss malign you for not a sending a report when you clearly did? Is your unappreciative boss making ridiculous demands without arranging help? Well surely, you are not the only one that encounters this.

Not everyone has the patience to listen to their boss nag about something minor or for something that they did not do. It is tough for some to stand up to their boss and make their stand clear that they are no pushover. Hence, I have listed various feasible solutions to ease tense situations between you and your boss.

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COMMUNICATION is the KEY to unlocking a pleasant relationship between you and your boss!


One of the best ways to maintaining a good relationship between you and your boss would be to talk things out nicely. Many a times conflicts arise when one party does not know what the other wants and end up arguing with him or her. While you think it may be wise to do things your way which can save time on clearing the red tape, your boss may think otherwise. The truth is, you can't read your boss' mind and you never know what he wants until you ask him. When you upset your boss, often than not, it is a result of miscommunication. Even if you aren't required to update or report to your boss, you may want to consider doing so to facilitate a common understanding between both of you.

Having patience is not to suffer in silence, but to have more time to prepare against the worst scenario.
Having patience is not to suffer in silence, but to have more time to prepare against the worst scenario. | Source


Fun fact: Your boss has his own boss (unless you are the CEO or the top management of the company) Why did I mention that? It is important to remember that everyone is bound to face stress during work when one is trying to deliver quality product. While your boss may treat you harshly for your substandard work, he may reduce the chances of more incoming work due to the need to start all over again.

Sometimes, we may think that our bosses' way of completing the projects may be less efficient or inappropriate. The hard truth is, you are his worker and you are supposed to complete whatever assignment is given to you accordingly to his way of doing it. While you may have differing opinion on the issue, it is up to your boss to handle the consequences of doing it his way. You only assist him in completing the work. He may assign you to do things that don't make sense, but all you can do is to be patient and be happy that you are able to fulfill his requirements. Patience is a virtue.

*this method is mainly for those who are more soft-spoken and is more of a worker type of person. No news is good news.

No matter who is watching or paying the paycheck, we are ultimately each our own boss.

— Kristin Armstrong
Don't let your boss have full control over your life!
Don't let your boss have full control over your life! | Source

Seek Opinions from Your Colleagues

For those who are strongly opinionated, why not discuss your thoughts about your boss with your colleagues first? There is a high chance that your colleagues may feel the same way towards your demanding boss. If that's the case, you bring this up during your lunch chit-chat sessions and seek their opinions on whatever is troubling you. Do not jump into conclusion that your boss is a mean and evil person yet, instead, think through what you have done (or what you have not done) and do a self-reflection first.

Have you done something unacceptable that deserves scolding or punishment from your boss? Do not confront your boss on the footing that you are actually the guilty party. Once you talk to your colleagues and realise that "yes, I'm quite sure that Mr Johnson is too demanding and unreasonable!", go ahead and approach your boss to sort things out. Fight for your rights and gain control over your career. Life is too short to worry and suffer due to someone's incompetency.

Who do You Want to Be?

Yes, who do you want to be? Someone who allow your boss to reprimand even if you did the right thing? In my honest opinion, one should always fight for your own say, no matter how irritating your boss may be, he cannot force you to do what you do not want to do. There is always another way out. Follow my motto, we will either find a way or make one. Believe in yourself and you can overcome your boss.


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