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Harnessing a healthy employee/employer workplace environment

Updated on January 17, 2015

Employer and Employee Relationship


Employer Likability

In the world of corporate performance and growth, a healthy employee/employer relationship is necessary for continued success. According to most people, likability in a workplace environment is determined by physical traits and appearances. A study conducted at the Harvard University found this notion to be immaterial. The exact cause of likability is personal interaction skills and proficiency in communication skill. A good number of employers do not observe the desired business results just because they don’t relate well with employees.

In a sequence of assessment tests, a group of researchers interviewed over fifty thousand employers on their personal relationship with employees. A small number of companies that realized great business success cultivated a weak employee/employer relationship. The results reveal a probability ratio of 1:2000, with regards to organizations that conducted successful commercial activities; but, registered unhealthy employee/employer relationship. Employer likability is a conditioned action that stems from increased interaction with employees. As such, employer likability can be nurtured and developed for the sole purpose of bettering employee/employer relationship.

Improving Workplace Environment


Nurturing Employer/Employee Relationship

The objective of sustaining a healthy employee/employer relationship is to market corporate success. Healthy workplace interactions provide motivation to the employees, reduce absenteeism, create high retention rate, and increase productivity. There are several ways to nurture a healthy workplace environment;

Presenting Feedback


Providing feedback

After the completion of any task, the employer should always present feedback to the employees as a way of building on faults and enforcing motivation.

Kindness at the Workplace


Being polite to employees

An employer who uses words like “please” and “thank you” is more likable than an employer who demands everything. The use of polite words is just a show of cutesy and respect, since the employee already knows that he/she must complete the task or risk unemployment.

Effective Recognition Programs


Effective Reward Systems

Employees tend to dislike employers who go back on their word or totally avoid the matter altogether. For instance, an employee, who is refused a salary increase after he/she, worked hard and realized the set objective will be inclined to dislike the supervisor or manager. As such, employers should keep their promises and drive efficient reward systems. This observance will cultivate a healthy workplace environment for the employees to work.

Driving Workplace Innovation


Encourage Innovation

Some employees dislike their employers because they discourage dynamism and creativity in the workplace. For a person operating in a sector that demands creativity, adherence to company precedent and protocol will eventually become a drag on personal productivity. In the field of dentistry, creativity is required in different tasks for the patient to realize that amazing smile we all envy. As such, dentists should be nurtured towards creativity in their approach as a way of saving on time and creating innovative ways of offering oral health.

Employer/Employee Relationship

How do you promote a healthy workplace environment at your place of employment?

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Creating A Healthy Work Environment


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    • David Rugu profile imageAUTHOR

      David Rugu Ngigi 

      3 years ago from Kitui, Kenya

      Its my pleasure to present you will helpful bits concerning employment and lifestyle chooses

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      quite informative. thanks David.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      we all need a healthy work environment. very useful.


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