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Harassment in the Workplace- Tips for Employees.

Updated on April 24, 2012

Workplace Harassment is a serious issue for both sides. The employer and employee can both be put in very uncomfortable positions. Sometimes, you may even feel that no one can help you. Workplace Harassment can be torture to a person, causing extensive emotional damages as well as damage to your character. Women often ignore the harassment when it is happening because of the embarassment of coming forward, more than ever because jobs seem to be harder to come by. I can tell you first hand some tips that helped me to overcome sexual harassment in the workplace.

Now, when you first start feeling you are on the verge of being harassed in the workplace you need to do one thing. TELL THEM TO STOP THEIR BEHAVIOR. This is a key role in the process. If you never told the person to stop the behavior than you are just as likely to be at fault for the behavior even if you did not welcome it. If the behavior and comments in the workplace start to come up again, this is when you may report the behavior to your immediate supervisor. You always want to follow the chain of command.

Educate yourself on the matter. Ask you supervisor for their "code of conduct" when it comes to sexual harassment. You may find some things there that will be helpful. It my case, I was being harassed by Physician in a hospital someone who was up more on the ladder than I was. This can make a person fear for their job, most likely the bully is your boss or someone higher up than you.

After telling your supervisor, something should be done immediatly! Usually, an intervention takes place where the bully is confronted about the allegations. If you are worried about retaliation, DONT BE! This will only make your point stronger if the bully retaliated against you for bringing the matter to the attention of your supervisor. If you feel that your supervisor is not handling the situation correctly than find who is above that supervisor and report it to them. If the harassment still continues, remember to keep a log containing important events and comments this person has made towards you. This LOG is very important incase you ever need to bring charges to the person or if you need to seek legal aid.

Most departments have a whole team of employess to help take care of the situation. If needed, you may have to ask for emotional help such as counseling, or talking to a fellow employee. In most cases the Human Resources department is a good place to go for help. If everything else fails, and you feel that there is nothing to be done about the situation, or if you are fearful this person may hurt you or your family, you may need to press criminal charges. A restraining order will temporarily help you, because your workplace HAS to comply with the LAW.

If you still feel you are not being helped. or if you feel that they are trying to "sweep something under the rug", contact your local Civil Rights Comission. Every state has the Civil Rights Comission to help you in cases just like these. The Civil Rights Comission will have a "private investigator" take on your case. They will try to find out the facts and supeona any information pertaining to the case. They want to make sure this is not happening to other people, and that it will not happen again. The Civil Rights Comission WILL help you if no one else will. The best part of it all.....THEY do it for free. They will send you a letter telling you that you may or may NOT have the right to SUE.

Thank you for reading. I hope this will help someone in need.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      These are great tips. Educating yourself is an important step. Many employees don't even know what to do. Voted up and I'm sharing this everyone.