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Do you Want to Be a Sports Agent?

Updated on September 22, 2011

People love sports and many people would love to have a career as a Sports Agent.

However, the main obstacle for the majority of people who want to be a sports agent is that there are more people interested then there are opportunities out there. The sports industry is one of the most difficult businesses to get into.

Don't let your dreams get away from you, there are programs out there that can help you not only get into the business, but will teach you the ropes and help you succeed.

A company called Agency Athlete has created an agent training program in which you can not only learn the ins-and-outs of the sports business, but gain the necessary experience to eventually become a certified sports agent.

They have a comprehensive agent-in-training program which gives you the opportunity to co-represent professional athletes giving you the desired experience you need. After completing the program successfully you will become an Agent Advisor and you can recruit, represent, advise and solicit marketing opportunities for athletes under the umbrella of Agency Athlete while working with Agency team members.

With their program, you will be able to work independently at your own pace even while you are still working at your current job allowing you to build your sports agent clientele with the hope that sometime in the future it will become a full-time career.

To be a candidate for the program, you will need to take a detailed agent-in-training program, which includes an interactive Sports Agent and Marketing Course with step-by-step instructions and videos which will teach you how to be successful in the sports business.

Once you have completed the program you will need to pass a Certification Test and Final Exam Project.

Once you have done this, your career as an Agent Advisor can begin.

There are other programs out there like this but none of them offer you the chance to actually work with their company, set you up with your own personal web page and supply you with company business cards giving you the credibility you need to succeed.

Because of this, this program has many more advantages than an internship or account executive job with another sports agency where you will probably just be a glorified paper pusher and never get the chance to actually work with professional athletes.

Best of all, you can work from anywhere in the world and the most motivated Advisors will have the opportunity to rapidly grow within the Agency with the possibly to become a District or Regional Manager with a yearly salary plus commissions.

You will not be disappointed with this program and it will allow you to reach your dreams while Agency Athlete provides you with the vehicle to make them a reality.

If this interests and you have a sincere interest in becoming a Sports Agent, you can get more information concerning this program by emailing


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