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Hawks Journey in to making Container Homes / Container Professionals

Updated on August 18, 2016

Hello my name is Chris Hawk but everyone calls me Hawk and i remember being 13 years old and seeing it for the very first time it was huge, pulling into our driveway past the barn just to the right of the horses, ma and pop called it a 40ft High cube cargo worthy container. I was in awe and had to run outside. As I started to run outside, I tripped on one of my younger brothers toys, a truck with a goose neck tilt bed trailer (ouch!) when I looked at my brother I realized hey that's the same truck that's outside. I picked myself up to get outside to meet my pop and the driver bringing our container. As I was standing there next to my pop, he was talking to the man about where to set the container and I just remember him laying the biggest fart I've ever heard, he looks at me and says did you hear that frog? We started laughing so hard our cheeks and stomach started hurting. When we finally finished laughing I looked at him and asked where did this 40ft container come from and this I'll never forget what he said next, now son we only get our containers from Container Professionals there the best company to work with! He then headed in to the barn to pull out some railroad ties to set the 40ft container on. What I saw next was so cool, the trailer part of the truck started to tilt back and the container started sliding off. My pop put the railroad ties underneath and before I new it the driver was on his way with his head out the window yelling have a great day! Then I remember just standing there looking at it and asking my pop what are you going to do with this 40ft container. My pop brought me in close, put his arm around me and said we're going to build a container home out of it and donate it to a family in need. I thought that was the coolest thing and asked if I could help. My pop said sure then started telling me about the container, he started by saying they have a lot of nicknames, like shipping containers, Cargo containers, conex boxes, freight containers, ocean containers, and then he said the funniest one he had ever heard was a sea can. We started laughing. He then said its made out of 14 gauge corrugated steel and the wood flooring is 1 1/8 inch marine grade plywood. He then took me inside the container and we started walking toward the other end, he stopped and looked at me and said pull my finger with a smile on his face, I did and another big fart came out and it echoed throughout the container. We started laughing again so hard our stomachs and cheeks hurt. I then asked Pop what does cargo worthy and High cube mean and he said cargo worthy means the container is whether tight with no holes, that the doors and seals will be in good working condition and that the flooring is in tact and connected to the cross members which are he steel beams underneath the container. He then said Container Professionals would guarantee this container, which is why we buy the cargo worthy. He also said they have other containers like one trip which are new and wind and water tight which are retired containers. He then told me that High cube means that the container is 9 1/2 feet in height compared to a standard 40ft container, which is 8 1/2 feet in height. He then told me container Professionals also has 20ft containers and 45ft containers. I looked at my pop and said I can't wait to get started on building this container home. Pop then said he couldn’t wait to get started on this container home also because the family really needs it right away. We both looked at each other and at the same time said thanks Container Professionals!


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