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They Used To Say,"He Couldn't Sell A Free Lunch To The Government," But Now They Say, "He Sold Iced Tea To China."

Updated on July 27, 2015

My "iced tea" is a book: 3 Steps To Yes
The Gentle Art of getting your way

by Gene Bedell

Dear Friend,
They were right. I was so lousy at sales I couldn't sell a free lunch to the government. I wanted to learn but no one wanted to teach me. Where was I going wrong?

Night after night I would struggle with words and concepts and then search for a book or a course that would teach me plainly how to sell. I looked at:

  • The Psychology Of Selling-$197

  • Copywriters Cash Clinic-$297

  • The Gary Halburt Sales Letters Course-$897

  • And the list goes on and on...

These courses were by the best salesmen, copywriters, and sales training institutes in the world; Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Dale Carnegie, The Brooks Group.
But they all were so expensive!

A good month of writing sales articles earned me about 87 cents. Good months rarely happened. But I refused to give it up!

I searched the public library. Sometimes they had expensive videos and correspondence courses up for borrow. No such luck there either. You got to pay the piper if you want to dance. Everyone knows that.

But while musing through the list of sales books at the library web site I spotted a title that strangely caught my eye. It somehow drew me in. I got a good feeling. And a week later I got my first sale in 3 months. Three months! Let me tell you all about this book.

It's called, "3 Steps To Yes" by little known author Gene Bedell. In this unusually thorough book he spells out every detail of how to sell,

  • point by point

  • step by step

  • concept by concept

  • precision

And it made perfect sense.
I felt it in my heart. Better days were coming!

Be assured it is amazing. How clearly he teaches every detail.

So let me tell you what the book told me. Yes, here comes an overview. Here comes sell after sell after sell, for the rest of your life! Expensive? Not at all. I found a used copy at Amazon for $0.74 plus $3.99 shipping!

Here is what the book says...

Know The 5 Step Buying Process

According to Bedell your prospect takes five steps to a purchase.

  1. He becomes aware of an unfulfilled need.

  2. He creates a “short list” of possible solutions he might want to buy.

  3. He evaluates his short list items in terms of his “situational needs.”

  4. Then he evaluates his short list in terms of his “personal needs.”

  5. He deals with his “buying anxieties” that spring from deciding to buy.

You must accurately observe which step the prospect is on and act accordingly. 3 Steps To Yes shows you how.

The Crucial Need That Makes Us Buy

Bedell lists just two separate needs that are at play in the decision to buy. Again, they are the “situational needs” and “personal needs.” Personal needs trump situational needs when its time to buy. He lists 14 powerful personal needs we all have and then the “Big Three” that are the most pertinent in sales. Then he shows you how to apply them.

Understand “The Big Three” For Results

Bedell's “Big Three needs” are the reason for the extreme power of his system. They are different from the commonly touted needs, or “drivers” pro copywriters work with; flattery, guilt, anger, exclusivity, greed, fear, and salvation. They are “the need to win,” the “need for risk reduction,” (security and predictability), and “the need for the approval of others.” This is unique in the science of persuasion and is very powerful information.

Bedell gives a lot of example stories from his personal experience that show how to use The Big Three to get the results you want. The are worth the little time you pay to learn.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much do you pay for a course that covers all of this-and explains every detail, of every procedure, step by step-specifically?

Is it $297 like Dan Kennedy's “Copywriter's Cash Clinic?”

It is far less.

Is it $197 like Brian Tracy's 'The Psychology of Selling?”

No, not at all.

Does it cost $897 like Gary Halburt's introductory sales letter writing course?

Not hardly..

It is available at Amazon for $0.01 plus $3.99 shipping and handling right now. Seriously!

Is it worth the risk?

Serious instruction for serious people. I call it worth the risk.

Here is the link:

Thank You,

Wrath Warbone

PS Click on through to Amazon and check it out right now!


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