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Wear Heat Resistant Coveralls

Updated on August 31, 2011

Heat resistant coveralls are necessary gear to be wearing if you are a firefighter or any other occupation that involves being close to heat or fire and high temperatures. If you are dealing with fire or heat at concentrated levels, it is imperative that you should wear heat resistant coveralls that allow the protection you need. Factory workers commonly have use for this type of clothing to assist the workers there, to deal with external temperatures.

These coveralls are constructed of two layers of clothing. The first is more of a flame resistant material that is made from a special blend of cotton and fire resistant materials. The inner layer provides air circulation to cool the wearer down in case of too much heat and is made also of a cotton blend. These heat resistant coveralls will allow your body to breathe when the temperatures get too hot. There is also new technology out there now that has an insert that is worn inside of the coveralls and blows air to the wearer’s body from a compressor. This type of clothing is required all over the world due to the fact that fire and can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Heat resistant coveralls are can literally save lives. When a firefighter or emergency worker can deal with higher temperatures, they are able to save more lives than without having them. The price range for this protective gear can range but is mainly found in the $160.00 USD mark. This price is not far fetched because of the necessity of protective wear for those that require it and again saving lives is more important than the extra amount that is spent.

Heat resistant coveralls come in a range of adult sizes for men and women. They are not available in children’s sizes. They are outfitted with zippers and pockets that can be used for a variety of reasons. First large amount of pockets that zip up will allow the user to put any tools needed to complete the job as well as any other necessities. These coveralls also range in color and they often times have reflective patterns stitched onto the arms and legs of the suit in order to be seen well in dark areas. This type of coverall is worn on top of the clothing and can be taken off easily because of the long zipper down the front.

Heat resistant coveralls and a variety of heat resistant clothing is a break through in technology that has a wide range of uses. It is especially protective in circumstances that are needed such as house fires and natural disasters. Too much heat or fire can literally kill someone, and if a person is able to stave this off for just a bit longer in order to save someone or even themselves, it is a worthy item.


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    • Steph0596 profile image

      Steph0596 7 years ago from Ontario

      They are great for anyone that needs to tolerate the heat. Thanks for the comment!

    • Greg Palmer profile image

      Greg Palmer 7 years ago

      Good info you provided here. Heat and flame resistant clothing are used in a wide variety of industries to keep workers safe in addition to firefighters. They truly are a lifesaver.