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Hello Hub Followers

Updated on November 13, 2010

Fainted on December 9, 2009

 Yes that is true, I think I got the swine flu and fainted. One day before my birthday, that is where I was last year. I have been quiet because I was tossed north to my other sons house so I could be the slave and chore master as I so deserve. (not)

That did not last longer than 6 months as this short story has a happy ending. I did not have internet on a constant basis as the internet usuage was controlled by my son, and if he did not like my behavior I guess I did not have any internet connection, so my Hubs were quiet.

I found a cheap and I mean cheap job with a telephone company that I knew would not last long. The company wanted a person to have a good power to persuade customers, which really means, place products on their accounts and they will see it or not and we will both make money. Sorry could not carry out that order.

Also fellow co workers with sticky fingers who had to make their sales commission level required them to take from where ever they could. That will translate into taking from fellow workers. Little did they know that I was dating security and know who was sitting in my seat when I was not there. OOPs!

The only positive factor, was meeting my true love and my mini me! So you see if I did not move here where I did not want to go I would not have met my better half! So how did the year 2010 measure up, lets see. I still do not drink, even though I should. I quit smoking because I had to! Yeah!

I am back on the Hub now!  So Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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