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Helpful Tips for an Easy Interview (for Teens)

Updated on July 23, 2012

These Tips helped me survive my big interview:


I took deep breaths on the elevator heading to the fifth floor for my interview. Fortunately, my employer was very nice. She smiled. I smiled. And then I put on my serious face. Point is, I felt calmer and a lot more confident about my interview. Need to ace an interview? Challenge Accepted!

Just breathe
Just breathe
A firm grasp shows you're confident
A firm grasp shows you're confident

Shaking Hands the Right Way

I learned in an etiquette class that there's a wrong way to shake hands. Who would've known that?

How to shake it:

  • eye contact
  • a firm one-two-break shake is the standard business handshake.
  • Also remember to smile, when your employer smiles. Even if they seem like a real stiff, give them a polite grin and then return to a serious face.

Speak up, please!
Speak up, please!

Whatcha Say?

Speaking clear and loud without being boisterous is key to being heard. Adults like to see teens who look and sound smart.

Talk to them the way you would your principal or respected teacher. I hate to hear stories about girls my age who lost out on an easy interview because their voice was a whisper. At the same time, people are working all around you, no need to yell.

Keep a flat talking voice, be adamant when talking about yourself, and I would suggest not begging, but sound appreciative. Speak kind, clear, and in a confident voice.

Remain calm, gesture when needed
Remain calm, gesture when needed

Stop Fidgeting!

I love seeing people squirm, because I make myself sit still and put them to shame.

Sometimes, tapping your foot is audible, or knocking your fingers on the desk or chair. It shows that you're nervous or unprepared. If you have a condition, warn your employer before hand. But if you can, stop fidgeting.

Pretend you're in the middle of your PSAT/SAT, don't look around the room, or tap your pencil loudly on the desk. Sit there. Take the test. Get out of the room. That's an interview in a nutshell.

Be Grateful

You're talking to someone with experience, and they probably don't have all the time in the world. Thank You goes a long way. Honestly, remember your P's & Q's, your employer will, big time. Another handshake, a smile, and the Interview is over. It's up to your employer to give you the gig based on your performance.

Employers will feel more inclined to call you back
Employers will feel more inclined to call you back


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    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Some very useful tips here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dominique Smith profile image

      The Life Major 5 years ago from Florida

      Thanks! For the advice. I actually made this hub a lot longer and did a bunch of trimming. But, now I'm going to let the words "all hang out"! ;)

    • tonymead60 profile image

      Tony Mead 5 years ago from Yorkshire

      Domique, good ideas, and useful to anyone with an interview on the horizon.

      May I give you some advice, to get good scores on hubpages you need a much more invloved article. 500 words or more. plenty of illustrations.

      good luck

      with respect, Tony