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Herringbone Coveralls Historic Garment

Updated on May 21, 2010

History reveals life lessons and each page has a distinct story to tell which depicts what has been and what one has become because of the past. True enough, we learn from the past; and we reinvent ourselves. In this particular instance, we pertain to that of the herringbone coverall, which is a one-piece suit that was traditionally worn by military personnel back in the war days. This was originally worn by those in the military personnel; specifically the mechanics and armored crew of the Armed Forces.

This suit is specifically designed for its resistance to foreign substances as well as for comfort and style. One downside that we can note of in this particular work suit is that you have to entirely take it off whenever you want to use the washroom. And it also has a tendency to shrink on your first wash. With the herringbone coverall entirely covering your body, it may get really hot especially when you are working in a particularly fuming and congested place where there is not enough ventilation.

The herringbone coverall is described as either a one-piece or two-piece suit, which may have a right breast pocket, right leg pocket, and two back pockets. The herringbone coverall can be opened and closed with a zipper. There have been a variety of alterations or improvements made to this garment because of the suggestions and complaints aired by the personnel wearing this outfit. This is also done in a variety of colors, usually black, blue-gray, and brown, so-to-speak; all following a particular requirement of convenience, comfort, as well as uniformity. In modern ways of thinking and work environment, women have also joined the bandwagon of workers and have been wearing the herringbone coverall as well.

The coverall has also deviated and advanced its uses as the time passes by; from a war combat uniform, it became the usual work wear of most laborers. At the present, this work getup is now being used by chauffeurs, linemen, aircraft mechanics, bus or truck drivers, factory or industrial personnel, and other lines of work. This is now made out of a lightweight fabric twill or polyester which makes it more comfortable to wear at work while you are sweating it out to make ends meet. The workplace has definitely evolved and so are people’s general way of thinking; it’s always about moving forward and not contemplating on surrender at any given weak point. This also goes true for the herringbone coverall which has evolved fashionably for the better.

There are a lot of coveralls that we can choose from actually; some of these are the sanded duck coverall, insulated coverall, long-sleeved coverall, short-sleeved coverall, basic coverall, deluxe coverall, and cotton coverall, among others. These are coveralls which vary in uses and functions as well; but are very comfortable and trendy. There are more colors coming out now; and the hues are getting louder as well. This goes to show that the herringbone coverall is a work 


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