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"Hidden" Gem

Updated on February 12, 2018

“Hidden” Gem in Boxboro/AlphaCars

It all came together, when the man had a dream, a passion, if you will.

Dmitry Bykhovsky is the founder, owner and General Manager of AlphaCars and Ural of New England – dealership and service center for cars and motorcycles. Because of Dmitry’s passion the dealership is more like a museum that has everything from late model BMW and Mercedes vehicles to classic and vintage cars and automotive memorabilia.

Where did this passion come from, after all? This was the question that motivated me to write this article. To find answers I contacted a friend of mine, Rita Bykhovsky - Dmitry’s mom, who lives in Boxborough MA.

“Dmitry developed this passion when he was a little boy. He always helped his father in our little garage in Moscow. Then during his high school years he deepened his interest in cars and motorcycles. He then attended the Moscow College of Automotive Engineering where he specialized in set up and organization of the racing and competition events including motor vehicle preparation and team training”

In the late 80s Dmitry started his automotive business in Boston area when the Bykhovsky family moved from former USSR to the United States. In the late 90s Dmitry moved his business from Cambridge MA to its current location in Boxborough MA. Most of his 10 employees stayed with Dmitry since the opening of his business. Olga, Dmitry’s wife, joined the company almost 15 years ago after graduating from Bentley University.

Have you seen those cars and bikes in a beautiful showroom of AlphaCars and Ural of New England on Mass.ave 649?

Not yet?

Well, prepare to be amazed! When we visited couple of weeks ago, my American born husband was impressed to see this hidden gem of Boxboro. You just can’t stop smiling at how beautiful everything is. We fell in love with Russian made motorcycles with side cars known as Ural. The history of these motorcycles tracks back to the Second World War Era and it’s amazing to see these vintage looking machines offered for sale in the museum-like atmosphere of this family owned dealership.

Many customers travel from all over the country to get these unique bikes here.

During the year Ural of New England organizes Motorcycles Rally Events with authentic Russian food. They are like festivals, with people coming from different parts of the country to celebrate quality and excellent service of this hidden gem in Boxboro.

“Expect to be Impressed” –


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