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The Hidden Job Market

Updated on July 16, 2015

Searching for a job can be frustrating and take a long time than you had initially expected. And when get one, it may not necessarily fit you experience, responsibilities and skills. This is mostly common with job seekers who just wait for a job to be advertised in order to apply. They have not tried other avenues to get information about a new job opening. Many people are unaware or disregard the numerous opportunities available on hidden job market.

What is the Hidden Job Market

A hidden job market are jobs that are not advertised on mass media outlets such as the internet or a local newspaper. As a job seeker, you need to understand that most new job vacancies are filled even before they are advertised. Therefore, you may be applying for a job that has already been filled. A hidden job does not mean it is a secret but rather the hiring manager was able to find the right match before going public. This means the worker was able get prior information about the vacancy through networking with people who knew about the job.


Employers want to hire people they know and trust. Whenever a new job is advertised, there are hundreds of applications sent. If the hiring manager decides to give some applicants a try, he/she will never get enough time to interact and know a potential employee better during an interview. That’s one of the reason a company would easily hire someone if they are recommended by a worker or a close associate.

Benefits of the Hidden Job Market

Network connection is not only beneficial to the employer but also to you as the job seeker. If you have vast experience, you will often find that your experience exceeds the jobs being advertised. If you use the tradition method of sending your resume and waiting for a response, it can be frustrating to find the right job out there. This is because you are not able to thoroughly explain and convince the hiring manager that you have already mastered your skills using a resume.

Another good thing about hidden job market is that there is less competition. As a job seeker you are presented with a big window to walk through take your dream job without unnecessary hassle. This is not just beneficial to you as the job seeker but also to the employer who will save on time and money in getting an attractive candidate.

When you establish close relationships with potential employers, you are easily able to overcome your weaknesses. Direct contact with an employer for a period of time will definitely wither concerns they may have about your abilities. It becomes hard to for an employer not to be worried about an employee potential yet he/she cannot address it immediately. You can also help the employer to design the job description before they even hire you.

There are many ways you can crack the hidden job market. One is to contact the employer directly. The company does not have to advertise a position. So be bold enough to make that call and introduce yourself or request an interview. If a job open, then you will be the first in their mind.
Attending events where you can meet people in your profession can get you valuable contacts who can tell you about a job opening.


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