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High Profit Investment Opportunities In Nigeria For Foreign And Local Investors

Updated on February 18, 2012
This is Nigeria
This is Nigeria

What is Nigeria?

Before I go ahead to reveal the high profit investment opportunities and the most profitable businesses in Nigeria, I would like to at least, run a recap of the history of the country called Nigeria. Nigeria is a country located in the Western region of Africa, and its original inhabitants are black Africans, comprising of people of different tribal heritages, suspected to be migrants from North Africa, Middle East, Israel, etc, who got amalgamated by the British colonial master, and hence, English became the official language of Nigeria.

Nigeria gained its independence from Britain on October 1, 1960 through indigenous efforts of its citizens led by late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Alhj. Tafawa Belewa. Since independence, Nigeria has witnessed several instabilities in government, resulting from selfishness and corruption of the pioneer indigenous leaders, which ushered in the series of military regimes that further destroyed the Nigeria’s march towards national development. Contrary to the above, things are changing drastically in Nigeria, owing to citizens’ determination to change the course of things in Nigeria, especially the syndrome called, corruption. It is not a new story that Nigeria as a nation had been classed as a very corrupt nation by the international community, due to corrupt leadership that impoverished so many Nigerians for decades, hence, forming them into corruption peddlers. Also, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the present people of Nigeria, the youths to be precise, are not in any way happy with the state of things in Nigeria; which is one of the major reasons Nigerian youths revolted massively against the removal of petrol subsidy by the incumbent Nigerian president earlier this year.

Honestly speaking, the Nigerian youths are bitter about the level of political corruption that destroyed the bright future of Nigeria; the continual looting of national funds by Nigerian leaders to stash away in foreign banks, solely for their immediate families. This recent desire for radical transformation, had led to a positive transformation in Nigeria, and as at today, Nigeria is moving forward at a very great speed, and we pray to sustain it. Therefore, I want to specially invite you to take a trip to Nigeria, to at least witness things yourself. Haven made certain things clear; let’s move on with our topic of discussion: profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria, which I believe is going to assist both Nigerian entrepreneurs and foreigners, who want to invest in Nigeria to earn high marginal profit on their investments in a short period of time.

Nigeria is a very fertile investment destination for any ambitious investor, and coupled with its high population of over 140,000,000 people, it is no doubt an excellent business and investment ground for any determined investor to explore. Nigeria is a crude oil producing nation; in fact, it is among the top ten oil producing nations of the world, and an active member of the OPEC. Nigeria has a versed land mass and forests, and therefore, a good agricultural destination. Palm oil, cassava, cocoa, ground nut, rice, rubber, cashew, etc, are in excess quantities in Nigeria, and are also yet to be fully explored.

In this article, I am going to discuss the high profit investment opportunities in Nigeria in two parts; the large investment opportunities and the medium investment opportunities.

Invest In Refinery In Nigeria
Invest In Refinery In Nigeria

Large Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

The high profit investment opportunities I am going to expose here are those that require high startup capital. Therefore, if you are considering venturing into any of the high profit investments I am about to reveal, you must have at least $80,000 for a very good startup.

Palm Product Processing: this is a very good investment opportunity in Nigeria, with a high investment return because your products are highly needed in the international market, and your materials are locally available at a very peanut price. Now, what are your products? Palm oil used in making soaps, fats, cream, chemicals, etc. Palm kernel oil used for the production of perfumes, creams, soaps, and the chaff or wastes for animal (poultry) food production. These are your two major products, which are of high market value to both Nigerian and international market.

Drink Making: Nigerians are festive people, and no matter the condition, they want to be happy and merry with their loved ones. Again, population is another advantage to this very business. Presently, my immediate elder brother is into this very business, and he is smiling big, so don’t hesitate to give this a shot.

You can start small and grow to a big brewery or food processing industry, depending on your goal and target, but there is no loss in this very business, I can guarantee you that, except you mismanage your fund by employing the wrong hands, and maybe through inappropriate sitting of the business. During startup, you can start with the production of table water and fruit juices. Your expansion can then include dispensable water, beer, red wines, or even beverages. You don’t need too many equipments or machines; you can google for the requirements or get back to me for a detailed business plan, only if you have made up your mind to go into this very business.

Crude Oil Refinery: presently, Nigeria has only three half-functional refineries, which is the sole reason we import petrol from foreign countries, and also the reason why Nigerians revolted against the government early this year. There’s no justification for us to be producing crude oil and still be importing the products that comes from it, that’s nasty! As a result of this very move, government has mandated the national house of assembly to look into this, and will soon issue refining licenses to individuals and companies willing to go into crude oil refining in Nigeria. I don’t need to stress much on the prospect of this business because it is an obvious one, so I would advice any interested investor to come down to Nigeria immediately for ground survey and investment explore. I can offer you a free guide, don’t pay me a dime, don’t send me any money, and do not send any body (Nigerian or foreigner) money to assist you with this. When you’re ready, contact me, but make sure you’re ready to visit Nigeria, so that I can take you around and also take you to the legitimate government bodies, and if possible assist you with other things that would pave way for you.

School: Nigeria need more and more schools as our population is rising day after day, starting from kindergartens, primary, secondary (high school), polytechnics, I.T colleges, to universities, we need all of them. If you can invest in this very sector, you will become a millionaire in say three years. To make yours stand out, package it very well, and you will run from patronage.

There are so many more, but I must stop here for now, we shall continue on the next edition.

Invest In Nigeria
Invest In Nigeria

Medium Scale Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

The businesses I am going to reveal here are those that require low start-up capital, and are advisable for young entrepreneurs and young unemployed graduates who are seeking for a way to make the rich list despite their unemployment challenges, to venture into. It is also advisable for anyone desiring to become rich with less stress.

Importation of vehicle spare-parts: Nigeria’s middle class population is increasing daily, and hence, the number of used cars coming into Nigerian borders. This is in fact, the number one business I can guarantee an investor and even partner with the investor because my family is already into it, and also into the importation of fairly used and accident cars from United States of America. I don’t have to stress much on this very business, if you truly want to venture into it, I am ready to be of help, and if possible, to partner with you.

Procuring House-Hold & Grocery Items For Wholesalers: Like I have earlier said, population is one of the things that make Nigeria a fertile investment destination for both foreign and indigenous investors and entrepreneurs. My sister-in-law majors in this very business; she brings in these products from United States, and also source for the locally available ones from manufacturing companies here in Nigeria, and then distributes or supply in large quantities to shops and other wholesalers. You can as well establish something like Wal-Mart store here, a friend just established one last year, and as I write this article, he earns nothing less than $10,000 monthly after paying his workers and settling other bills, and he entered this business with less than $60,000.

Retailing Fairly Used Black Berry Phones:this is just very lucrative, that’s all I can say on this. But you must make sure you’re buying at a very good price so your resale price can be affordable and competitive for others to meet up. If you’re a foreigner, and you can secure say, a fairly used Black Berry touch at $300, then you are already wasting a good business opportunity that would make you rich.

Car Repairs and Modern Diagnosis: if you can fix damaged cars, and you can handle the latest engine diagnostic technology, and you can afford a workshop space ($5000 - 7000), a complete mechanic workshop tools, machines and equipments ($20,000 - $50,000), and you can handle crowd of customers, and you’re ready to make huge money, then look no further than this. I am a mechanical engineer by profession, and I can as well help you to get things ready. Presently, my family mechanic, the firm that handles all our car repairs, I mean the cars we import for resale, is a Lebanese guy, and if I am not over-estimating, he makes nothing less than $50,000 monthly, and he’s no longer the one handling the technical aspect, as he now has extra technicians working for him. So what are you waiting for?

Good luck for now, we shall continue soon on the next edition of high profit investments in Nigeria, stay blessed and remain focused, you will surely get there!

NOTE: Don't send or transfer money to anybody to help you invest in Nigeria, please visit Nigeria first, and get to know the environment, I will be glad to be of help to you for free.

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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from L Island

      Thanks for the compliment J.P. Welcome to hubpages, wish you the best here

    • profile image

      The J Phronesis 

      3 years ago

      Accofranco, this hub is very exceptional and detailed. It is nice to meet an intelligent Nigerian hubber like you here on Hubpages.

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from L Island

      Thanks @Peter for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Peter Mike 

      4 years ago

      Great hub

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from L Island

      Okay....thanks for stopping by Sadat.

    • Sadat Kamba profile image

      Sadat Kamba 

      5 years ago from Kano, Nigeria

      hello there, i am a Nigerian as well and would like to partner with you on Importation of vehicle spare-parts. kindly get back to me on this.


    • profile image


      5 years ago



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