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High demand jobs and skills in Bangalore, India. Job websites for searching jobs in India

Updated on April 5, 2012
Mysore Palace- Is it not nice to work where you like to go for vacation?
Mysore Palace- Is it not nice to work where you like to go for vacation?

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. Jobs that are lost in the western parts of the world usually reappear in India or China. Some of you may think that the east is surviving now by depending on the west.This has been the situation, but things are changing. The domestic market in these countries are growing and now the growing eastern economies are getting more and more independent and can survive by themselves. In fact people in the west are getting more and more used to the cheaper products from the east and are now reluctant to pay high cost, just because it is produced in the western part of the world. What we see now is a slow shift in the economic gravity of the world from the west to the east. Economists have predicted this move and this will continue. Another growing trend that is seen these days is that the people from the west move to India or Chine or some other Asian countries for jobs. In this article, I would like to concentrate on the jobs in India, particularly the jobs in high demand in Bangalore (also known as the garden city of India). At the end of the article, I have also listed down the major job websites / employment websites for job search in India.

The salary range is given in Indian Rupees. The conversion rate as of January, 2012 is

1 USD = 52 INR

1 Euro = 65 INR

For updated currency exchange rate check

Cost of living: With 1 USD, you can have a grand lunch in a normal restaurant (where middle class Indians go) in most cities. With $50 you can stay in a luxurious hotel room in a 4-5 star hotel.

High demand jobs in Bangalore

1. Human Resourse manager jobs

Experience : 0-3 years

Salary range: Rs. 90,000 - 650,000 pa

Skills: Employment laws, human resources training , basic computer skills,

Qualification: Any graduate

2. Software engineering and IT job

Experience : 0- 15 years

Salary range: Rs. 200,000 - 12,00,000 pa / as per industry standards

Skills: C, ADA, Do178B, V & V, Linux BSP stacks, kernel, drivers, middleware and platform BSP, Boot-loader, Linux device driver, 3GPP and IETF protocols, TCP / IP, SGSN, GTP, Data Networking Protocols, SGSN, SCTP, RANAP, Linux, TCP / IP, Routing Protocols, IP networking, IPV4, IPV6, Tunnenling Protocols, OSPF, WDK, WIN32, MFP, SDK, Business Objects.

Qualification: Any post graduate, Bachelors degree in engineering.

3. Teacher/Lecturer jobs

Experience : 0-10 years

Salary range: Rs. 400,000 - 12,00,000 pa

Skills: Physics, Music, Kindergarden, GRE, GMAT, Primary School, Dancing, Middle school, Mathematics

Qualification: Any graduate in the field

4. Call-Center/ BPO jobs

Experience : 0-6

Salary range: Rs. 100,000 - 400,000 pa

Skills: CSE, TSE, voice process

Qualification: Any graduate

5. Mechanical engineering

Experience: 1-7 years

Salary range: As per industry standards

Skills: Project execution, project planning, project management, order management, Product Design, Product Development, Catia V5, Electric Power Train, vehicle integration, Power train Design, HEV design, IGBT converter, traction converters, solid work, solid edge, Railway igbt converter, INFOTECH, BOMBARDIER, Quality assurance ,Quality control , quality service maintenance, Assembly Process Validation Engineer, Vismockup, Vis Jack, Design engineer , AUTOCAD, Stress Analysis, Fatigue analysis, Vibration analysis, Shock Analysis.

Qualification: Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial engineering, Automobile engineering, Civil engineering or related fields of engineering

6. Electronic engineering

7. Finance

Experience: 1-13 years

Salary range: Rs.100,000 - 18,00,000 pa

Skills: Payroll domain experience, Technical & Consulting, Channel Sales, Financial Industry, banking, relationship manager, corporate sales, insurance, alternate, cso, fe, fo, sales officer, casa, nbfc, financial planning, Financial Data Quality Management, Sales, Life insurance, Financial consultant, Financial advisor, Insurance agent

Qualification: Post Graduation (any stream) - MCA / PGDCA , M.Sc , MD / MS (Other MD / MS -MS-Computer),

8. Medical and hospitality

9. Designing jobs

10. Administrative jobs

Where to search for jobs in Bangalore

Here are few websites where jobs are posted. The contact information are also given in the website. These websites are also called employment agencies or job agencies. Ideal strategy for job searching is to post your resume in all these job websites and set the auto-alert option, so that they will inform you when a job is posted with the key word that you specified.










10. (mainly for teacher jobs)


12. (call center- BPO jobs)


14. (jobs for students)

15. (just for jobs in Bangalore)

16. (it posts free advertisements from Bangalore, ideal for searching apartments and for jobs)

17. ( writing and editing jobs in bangalore)

18. (only for IT and software enginering jobs)


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