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The Best and Hot jobs in most demand - Highest paying, High demand, Top jobs in Australia, Canada, UK, Singapore and US

Updated on April 5, 2012

Highest paying, high demand jobs in Australia

Unemployment rate in Australia is only 5.1% (2010), relatively smaller than USA or UK. Even during 2008 recession, Australia was little effected. If you are interested in the job market in Australia, you will be interested to read this article. Do you know that drivers, electricians and nurses are some of the highest demand and highest paid jobs in Australia? If you like to read more about the jobs in Australia, I would like to recommend this article by Patty Inglish, MS.

High paying, high demand jobs in Canada

Like Australia, Canada too was little effected by 2008 recession. Unemployment rate in Canada is also relatively lower. Do you know that there is labor shortage in Canada? If you are in north American and would like to immigrate to Canada for job, this article will be of special interest for you.If you are nurse, pharmacist, finance major, have skills in teaching or in managing people you are in demand in Canada. SunSeven has written a nice article about the high paying jobs and highdemand jobs in Canada. There are also several links in this article where you can read more. I highly recommend this article

Nurses and Pharmacists are the most demand jobs in Canada and Australia
Nurses and Pharmacists are the most demand jobs in Canada and Australia

Best paying jobs in UK

Living costs in UK are horrendously high. Housing, transportation, gas and electricity costs have gone up in recent years. If you are searching for a job in UK, you may be interested to know the highest and lowest paying jobs in UK and the salary levels. I like this article by Singular Investor

Top 10 high paying jobs in Singapore

Singapore, an island state is one of the strongest economies in Asia. Financial services, exports, commodities exchanges and industries are some of the strongest sectors in this country. If you like to read more about the job market in Singapore, I like to recommend this article. The author, SunSeven is from Singapore, so she could share a lot of local experiences from Singapore. In addition to the job market in Singapore, there are also information about hotels, golf courses, schools, museums, budget hotels and amusement parks in Singapore.

Top 3 jobs in US

Economic recession effected millions of people in US. Several hundred people lost their jobs during recession. As the economy is slowly getting back to normal, most college graduates are faced with the dilemma of finding the best jobs, jobs that pay them the best salary. According to dpt's article engineering, IT and medical professionals are the highest paying entry level jobs in the US. If you like to read more about top 3 highest paying jobs in US, check this article

I also came across an article about the most dangerous jobs, jobs with the highest fatalities in US.

How did Bush go from an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?

Wanna read about the hot jobs in midland Texas?

I hope you find this hub useful to read about the best jobs around the world. I wish you good luck to find the job of your dreams.

Engineering, IT and medical jobs are the best paid jobs in US
Engineering, IT and medical jobs are the best paid jobs in US | Source


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